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Thank you Georgia Baptists


Thank you for all the assistance you gave after Hurricane Katrina. You came to the rescue of the people in the Cypress Shores Community. The work was hard, the hours were long, the beds were often uncomfortable, but the food and fellowship was great.

Because of your sacrificial giving of time, talents, truckloads of supplies, and financial resources we were able to meet most of the needs in our community. We tore out sheetrock, carried out debris, cut trees, gave out supplies, replaced sheetrock, cleaned up yards, listened to the cries of and prayed with heart broken people, but most of all we shared the Gospel. Your work will not go unnoticed and its impact will only be known in eternity.

Thank you again. It is indeed a joy to be part of the body of Christ. Especially when the body cares for people the way you have cared. God bless you.