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Baptist faculty oppose intelligent design lecture


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (RNS) — A planned lecture by a proponent of intelligent design has upset Samford University faculty who don’t want the Baptist-affiliated school to be perceived as endorsing alternatives to evolution.

A resolution introduced in the College of Arts and Sciences’ faculty senate describes intelligent design as a political movement, not science.

The resolution, by Samford geography professor Max Baber, questions whether Samford should involve itself in a movement that seeks to inject religion into science education in the public schools.

The Feb. 23 speaker is John Lennox, a research fellow in mathematics at Green College, Oxford University in England. He is one of a comparatively small band of academics who question the theory of evolution and argue that the complexity of biological life suggests a designer guides the process.

Samford President Tom Corts cooperated with a local Christian ministry group, the Fixed Point Foundation, on plans to bring Lennox to the university surrounding the visit.

Corts says he doesn’t understand the controversy surrounding the visit.

“This is a university,” said Corts, “and you are supposed to talk about ideas.”