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Passion for mission education?


1. passion: strong feeling or emotion; 2: intense passion or emotion; 3: something that is desired intensely. (Wordnet)

The recent Index article “North America: Hanging in the balance”, by Joe Westbury and Gerald Harris, was interesting, puzzling, peculiar, and vague. The one line that caught my attention, “Mission education continues to take it on the chin…” rattled my feathers.

I have been involved in missions education for most of my life as an educator, missionary, and minister. I thank God for all those RA workers, GA workers, and VBS workers who took time to teach me about missions. In the last 10 years I have watched in dismay our missions education for our children take a dive. No one seems to have the passion and drive to get us back on course. What has caused this change in focus and involvement?

1. Church workers who have lost their focus and passion for Kingdom Mission and Ministry.

2. Churches who have cut their funding for missions education.

3. Pastors who have changed the programming to something else that does not focus on mission education.

4. Men who have not stepped up to the plate to teach missions involvement to their children.

5. Selfish churches that have turned inward and forgotten about the Great Commission.

The ultimate result is that we have a generation now and one coming that has had little teaching or involvement in missions. I appreciate those folks at NAMB that have had a passion for World Changers. It has been clearly evident. I am a World Changer.

The results are phenomenal!

We need to move in the direction of enhancing and building up our children’s mission education. We need to stay focused. We need to have that drive and passion to teach our children about missions and missions involvement. It is more than just giving money.

Passion is a factor in any program or ministry. If it is there, things really happen!

If it is not, it is a dead end street.

Perhaps the real issue is that there are many folks in our churches that simply have never encountered Jesus. They have never experienced the passion of Christ.