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Issue Date: 2011-08-11
Volume: 190
Number: 16


John Stott, evangelical leader, dead at 90
John Stott, a major figure in evangelicalism during the 20th century who helped frame the Lausanne Covenant and authored "Basic Christianity" and a series of other popular books, died July 27 at the age of 90.
South Carolina GCR report: Less to S.C., more to IMB, 50/50 CP split
After seven months of work, the South Carolina Baptist Convention's 35-member Great Commission Resurgence Task Force released its report Aug. 1 with 10 recommendations, proposing among other things, more money to the International Mission Board, a move toward a 50/50 split in Cooperative Program receipts between the state convention and the Southern Baptist Convention, and cuts in various state ministries.
Deaf Baptists embrace unreached Deaf peoples

The Deaf should be in the multitude when, as the Book of Revelation depicts it, every language, people, tribe and nation will worship the Lamb around the throne, says Aric Randolph of New Life Deaf Fellowship in Fort Worth, Texas.
Georgia Baptists you should know: Juanita Land (Camilla)
An up-close look at interesting people
Georgia Baptists are an interesting lot, coming from all walks of life to pool their resources for the cause of missions. Index Managing Editor Joe Westbury recently met up with 92-year-old Juanita Land as she was shelling peas for dinner while serving on a mission trip with her church, First Camilla.
Norway's churches try to foster healing after attacks

A Norwegian bishop addressing the recent bombing and shooting attacks in Norway said his country has "countered this insane terrorism by demonstrating love and solidarity."
Texas Sunday School class goes deep with relationships in local Muslim community
Jason Thibeaux said he wasn't really afraid of Muslims. But he definitely didn't love them, either.
TMC runner continues comeback

In a couple of weeks Vanessa Hurtado will put on her uniform for the Truett-McConnell College Cross Country Lady Bears. Competitive as athletes are, she'll be running to win but the miracle is she's running at all.
Sons of Isaac, Sons of Ishmael and Sons of Guns

Arabs and Israelis have been fighting since time immemorial.
Poll: Americans want religious presidents, but are vague on details

Americans want their presidents to be religious, but many have trouble identifying the faiths of President Obama and leading GOP contenders Mitt Romney and Rep. Michele Bachmann, according to a new poll released July 25.
How much are you invested in the NY missions partnership?

The needs are overwhelming.
Bailey Smith inspired by Spurgeon

Bailey Smith - evangelist, pastor, author, former Southern Baptist Convention president - was born in Texas, served as a pastor in Oklahoma, but is a Georgia Baptist now.
Ancient art form helps relay the Gospel

She squeezes the cone of greenish-gold paste and a small amount, guided by the movement of her fingers, forms the finishing touches of a fish drawing.
Acts 1:8 Challenge leaders chart future
More than two dozen Southern Baptist missions leaders are making plans for the future of the Acts 1:8 Challenge initiative to mobilize churches to reach their communities, regions, the continent and the world with the Gospel.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves
Blanchard honored for 50 years as deacon

Cooperative Program Stories

Cooperation ... doing more together

Athens is best known as the home of the University of Georgia, incorporated by the Georgia General Assembly in January of 1785, and home of the Georgia Bulldogs. However, Athens is also the home of Sarepta Baptist Association, formed in 1799 and one of the oldest associations in the state.

Bible Study

Don't Criticize One Another

Romans 14:1-12, 19; James 4:11-12
Bible Studies for Life, Aug 21
Agree with One Another

Genesis 13:1-12; Romans 12:16-18; 15:5-6
Bible Studies for Life, Aug 28


Woman's teen son challenging stepdad's parental authority

Extreme Christianity

Back in February I saw an advertisement in a magazine hawking extreme Valentine gifts.
The 'dash' & the brevity of life

When my son, Art Rainer, began work on the book we co-authored, "Simple Life," he spent a good bit of time in a cemetery.
The Open Door

I encountered the young man standing in the lobby of our Georgia Baptist Missions and Ministry Center. He was evidently a technician visiting our building to work on some of the equipment. I found him very transfixed on the Ten Commandments monument in the Old Testament lobby.


Thanks from church struck by lightning

On Wednesday evening, June 15, an hour after we had left Cornerstone Baptist Church in Cherry Log, a lighting bolt hit the ground over a buried telephone line and followed it into the building setting it on fire.
Endorsement of new Brewton-Parker president

On behalf of the trustees of Truett-McConnell College, I would like to congratulate Dr. Mike Simoneaux and Brewton-Parker College upon the announcement of Dr. Simoneaux as president of BPC.