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“Appalled” at use of ‘mantra’ in headline


When I read the subhead, “Georgia Baptists join with Katrina survivors’ mantra,” for the article “Still On The Map” by Sherri Brown (March 2, page 24), I was appalled.

As an MSC missionary, who specializes in Mormonism and wicca/witchcraft, I deal with individuals on a frequent basis that have been deceived by false doctrine. When I read the above-mentioned headline I realized that Hindu doctrine, not Christian doctrine, was being given credibility by the use of the word “mantra.”

In Hinduism, when a person chants to produce on effect or vibration in another world that will draw attention to the higher beings or gods who reside there they are using mystic syllables known as mantra. In fact, the Webster’s Dictionary defines mantra as, “a sacred formula believed to embody the divinity invoked and to possess magical power.”

In Romans 12:2, Paul instructs us to not conform (look like or sound like) the world, but to renew our minds so that we may prove what is good, acceptable, and perfect in accordance to God’s will. However, when one uses terminology of a false belief system, in the manner used here, it does not promote the renewing of one’s mind; therefore, it is not good and it is not in accordance to the will of God.

The fact is, Christians do not use mantra to communicate with God, but prayer. As a Christian, one has a relationship with the true living God that those who practice mantra do not. I believe that maybe a better word for the caption might have been motto. I do not want any of your readers to be deceived by the use of this word mantra. I want them to know truth.