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Issue Date: 2011-11-03
Volume: 190
Number: 22


SBC name change task force holds inaugural meeting
The task force appointed to study the prospect of changing the Southern Baptist Convention's name held its first meeting Oct. 26 at Southwestern Seminary here.
GBC Task Force proposing 5 Smooth Stones

Frank Cox, chairman of the Georgia Baptist Convention Great Commission Resurgence Task Force, has announced that Georgia Baptists can expect a visionary report from the committee that will indicate where the state convention must go in the future.
'Courageous' church gives $100,000 to missions
A few days before the movie, "Courageous," was released, Michael Catt, pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany the church that produced the film acknowledged that projects such as this have blessed the congregation with tremendous resources and opportunities.
CP 'beginning of a new day'

"Southern Baptists in World Service," a booklet written by E.P. Alldredge for the Sunday School Board in 1936, aptly captured the essence of the Cooperative Program started by Southern Baptists in 1925.
Index convention issue features two sections, 28 pages

Welcome to this special annual convention issue of The Christian Index. While our staff always strives to present the most Georgia-centric content in each issue, we double those efforts for the issue leading up to the annual convention meeting.
Study: Education doesn't breed atheism

Contrary to popular belief, atheism is not the norm for people with higher education, new research shows. Education does not push people away from God, it just makes them more likely to accept a liberal attitude toward religion, reported USA Today.
Georgia trustees giving NAMB president high marks in first year

On the anniversary of his first year as NAMB president, Kevin Ezell is being given high marks by Georgians serving as trustees of the Alpharetta-based agency.
Report says tithing, church spending hit record low

Tithing to U.S. Protestant churches as a percentage of income is at its lowest level in at least 41 years and churches are keeping a greater share of those donations for their own needs.
GBC to stream annual meeting live
Georgia Baptists whose schedule will prevent them from attending the Nov. 14-15 state convention annual meeting will have the option of viewing it from the comfort of their computer.
Refugee center in Europe lacks funds but not opportunity

She is looking for a little good news.
Choose Life license tags still available despite legislative changes
Individuals wanting to proclaim their pro-life stance via their license tag are still capable of doing so even if budget changes last year added a couple of steps.
Douglasville salutes fallen Marine

When one views the evening news and watches American troops in Iraq or Afghanistan the conflict seems so far away - almost too far removed from our way of life in America to be real.
Biblical Context of the 5 Smooth Stones
FIVE SMOOTH STONES along with a reliance upon God and a commitment to obedience led David to victory over his giant.
History has proven over and over again that to accomplish any great task requires an incredible commitment from those engaged in the battle.
Calvinism cited among reasons Kentucky church turned down for associational membership

Was a western Kentucky church denied admittance to a Baptist association because it is too Calvinistic? Acting on a report brought by its credentials committee, Daviess-McLean Baptist Association voted 104-9 at its annual meeting two weeks ago not to accept Pleasant Valley Community Church in Owensboro for membership.
New location, new start for Sharon Baptist in Auburn

Construction is usually a good sign for a church. It's not so good when the result is a busy highway 25 feet from your sanctuary.
When they were weak...
In losing a son, Savannah couple builds ministry to others

The knock came at 12:15 a.m., April 17, 2005. Herb Hilderbrand got out of bed and went to the door, where two officers from the Savannah Police Department waited. Once inside and joined now by Herb's wife, Dixie, the officers asked the couple if they were the parents of 20-year-old David Hilderbrand.
NAMB boosts church planting to 42 percent of budget

The North American Mission Board remains on track to channel more funds into church planting and is aggressively looking at cutting costs and squeezing as much efficiency as possible out of its budget.
Pastor Neftali Coronado - a U.S. citizen

On Sept. 15 Neftali Coronado, pastor of El Buen Pastor (Church) in Eatonton, took his U.S. Citizenship test and passed it with flying colors. He is now proud to claim the United States as his new country.
To be, or not to be ... Calvinist

Southern Baptists like to talk about the Calvinism issue in the Convention but few are willing to take a stand one way or the other. Perhaps that is because some, such as Southern Seminary President Al Mohler, see it as a natural return to the denomination's roots.
No church buildings left in Afghanistan

Not one Christian church building is left standing in Afghanistan, according to the U.S. State Department. The last such public place of Christian worship was destroyed by its landowner in March 2010.
5,112 new congregations envisioned in next decade

Southern Baptist congregations could increase by 5,112 by the end of 2020 under a scenario envisioned by the North American Mission Board. The goal of 55,901 Southern Baptist congregations was detailed by Aaron Coe, vice president of mobilization, in a work group meeting prior to the full board meeting.
Evangelism resources available 24/7
GBC launches

Joel Southerland, associate in the Georgia Baptist Convention Evangelism Department, says, "We want to empty ourselves on this new website. We want to get all we know about evangelism on this site so it can be accessed anytime anywhere by anyone."
'UUPG' training gears up; IMB to hold 3 more conferences

It's a problem many pastors wish they had. About a year ago Chris Roberts started Bridge Community Church in Blackshear with just 36 people. The congregation has since swelled to an average of 280 in Sunday morning worship. The rapid growth has sent Roberts scrambling to lay groundwork for what he hopes will become one of Bridge Community's hallmarks - missions.
Shorter University trustees adopt new logo, faith statements
In its fall meeting, the Shorter University Board of Trustees made several policy decisions to further enhance the university in achieving its mission as a Christ-centered university committed to academic excellence.
Younger leaders from across Georgia gather for discussion

The conversation ranged from Reformed theology to mentoring to paying for buildings as up to 120 younger pastors from around the state joined together at the Baptist Ministry and Missions Center Oct. 25.

Religious Newsbriefs

Charges dropped from Capitol prayer arrests
A city court on Oct. 11 dropped charges against a group of religious and civic leaders who were arrested in July during a prayer vigil for the poor in the U.S. Capitol Rotunda.
Misspelling 'Muhammad' puts Pakistani schoolgirl in danger
An eighth-grade student in Pakistan has been expelled from school and her family forced to relocate after the Christian girl misspelled "Muhammad," leading to accusations of blasphemy, sources told Compass Direct News.
'King Arthur' fights the law, and the law wins
A self-styled druid who likens himself to a king in ancient Britain has lost his bid to rebury a set of prehistoric human remains at a sacred pagan burial site.
Dead Sea Scrolls now available online
Five of the Dead Sea Scrolls that have been stored for decades in a climate-controlled exhibit at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem are now available in digital form to anyone with an Internet connection.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves
First Baptist Haynesville supports missions through festival

Cooperative Program Stories

Truett-McConnell faculty put their names on the line

Monumental! Historic! Christ-honoring! Those were the expressions most frequently heard in describing the Convocation that featured the Truett-McConnell College faculty's signing of the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

Bible Study

Stand for the Lord

Exodus 32:7-20, 25-26
Bible Studies for Life, Nov 13
Respond to Difficult Situations

Nu. 20:1-13, Ps. 106:32-33
Bible Studies for Life, Nov 20


A Georgia Baptist Convention worth missing Not!

When I was a boy I remember the Cole Brothers Circus coming to our town. They set up their Big Top not far from The Rock Elementary School, where I was a fourth grade student at the time. From the window next to my desk I could see the elephants tethered to stakes just outside the huge tent.
Glorieta: a heritage soon to be lost

I was an 18-year-old in 1948 when the trail to Glorieta (Conference Center) began in a tiny way. Now I am 81 and seeing Glorieta assassinated.
The viewing of porn can have devastating effects on adults

The Open Door

The time for the Georgia Baptist Convention's annual meeting has arrived. I am anticipating an outstanding meeting this year and hoping that each of you will make a very special effort to be present. We will be gathering at North Metro First Baptist Church in Lawrenceville, where Janice and I are members.


What's really behind SBC name change?

The thought occurred to me that while the SBC considers a name change due to the word "Baptist" having a negative connotation to many, [the proposal] is the symptom and not the disease. Let me give an illustration and then make my point.
Suggested names for SBC

Changing SBC name

A friend of mine down here in south Georgia had a beautiful Hampshire hog that he intended to take to the livestock show in Perry. The hog was a good-looking hog but the curl on its tail didn't look just right. Someone suggested to my friend that the curl on the pig's tail didn't look just right.