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Issue Date: 2011-11-17
Volume: 190
Number: 23


Timeline of the move to a biblical worldview

Each of Georgia Baptists' three educational institutions have undergone a change of administration in the past three years. Each new president is in the process of moving his institution to a more conservative stance that aligns itself more closely with its primary constituency, the churches of the Georgia Baptist Convention who support it with students and financial resources.
Carr stepping down from associational work after 36 years
Georgia's longest serving director of missions

If there's one legacy that John Carr will leave when he retires as director of missions for Southeast Baptist Association, it's that he has staying power.
Don Dowless inaugurated as nineteenth president of Shorter University

Students, faculty, administrators, trustees, delegates from institutions of higher learning and friends of Shorter University gathered in the Winthrop-King Centre on the university campus in Rome on Nov. 11 for the inauguration of Dr. Donald V. Dowless as the 19th president of Shorter University.
Russia revival seeks Georgia Baptist help

Georgia Baptists who would like to bring the Gospel to the nation of Russia have just such an opportunity through an upcoming revival opportunity.
Georgia Baptists you should know: Stacy Dyer (Blairsville)
An up-close look at interesting people
How does a church set itself apart from other faith groups who are having trouble connecting with their communities? It looks around at the gifts God has equipped its members with and incorporates those unique talents into an outreach ministry.
Jerry Spencer issues evangelistic challenge
Alabama evangelist speaks at pre-convention rally

Several hundred Georgia Baptists gathered at North Metro First Baptist Church on Nov. 13 to rededicate themselves to sharing their faith with lost friends and acquaintances.
Survey: Bible readers prefer word-for-word translation

Most American Bible readers prefer word-for-word translations of the original Greek and Hebrew over thought-for-thought translations, saying they value accuracy over readability, according to a September LifeWay Research study.
Colquitt County Association celebrates 100 years

Colquitt County Baptist Association met on Oct. 23-24 to celebrate 100 years of ministry. More than 800 people gathered in the worship center of First Baptist Church of Moultrie on the first night of the event to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the association.
The answers really are in Genesis

The Occupy Wall Street movement that has impacted multiple cities worldwide and over 100 U.S. cities appears to be somewhat similar to the 1960s counterculture, which represented a major digression in mainstream American society.
190th annual session draws crowds to North Metro Baptist Church

Georgia Baptists met at Lawrenceville's North Metro Baptist Church Nov. 14-15 for the 190th annual meeting of the state convention.
Shorter adopts suite of faculty, staff guidelines
Documents move the college closer to a biblical worldview

Shorter University trustees have approved a suite of faculty and staff guidelines that draws the college closer to a biblical worldview that is also being embraced by Georgia Baptists' two other colleges.
An inside look at human trafficking

The odors of liquor, smoke and sweat permeate the air. One small bulb lights the alleyway. Traffic is light on the main road, but this side street keeps busy.

Baptist News Summary

Names in the News
Mission:Dignity helps retirees make ends meet
Floyd Woodard was 25 years old when he felt God calling him into a life of ministry nearly six decades ago. Married just five years, Woodard was teaching a Sunday School class when he was approached about becoming a preacher.
Apologist's views bring back inerrancy debate
An evangelical apologist's characterization of one biblical verse has called into question his entire 700-page book and his belief in the inerrancy of Scripture, with two respected theologians saying the matter demonstrates that it is not sufficient to affirm biblical inerrancy in principle without also affirming it in detail.
Southern Baptist representative urges prayer for Obama
At the National Prayer Breakfast in February, President Obama noted that his friend, Sen. Tom Coburn, R-OK, prays for him.
1,600 Billy Graham messages now online
More than 1,600 of Billy Graham's sermons dating back to 1949 are now available in audio format online.
October CP giving 17.27 percent below '10
Contributions to Southern Baptist national and international missions and ministries received by the SBC Executive Committee in October were 17.27 percent below the same month last year, according to a news release from SBC Executive Committee President and Chief Executive Officer Frank Page.
Former church planter faces murder charges
A former Southern Baptist church planter is facing murder charges and soon will go to trial for his alleged role in a 2008 home invasion robbery in California.

People and Places

Beaverdam celebrates 175 years
Mount Olivet in Hartwell responds to needs of troops, Afghans
Being Social

Cooperative Program Stories

Evangelism coaching teams bringing refocus and renewal for Georgia pastors

People do not tend to drift towards evangelism, but instead tend to drift away from it. As a leader, you must continually call your followers back to evangelism. Those are the words of Charles Rossel, the recently retired pastor of the First Baptist Church in Leesburg, FL.

Ministerial Moves

Ministerial Moves

Bible Study

Adopt the Right Perspective

Dt. 32:1-9, 36-39, 43
Bible Studies for Life, Nov 27
Recognize God's Gift

John 1:1-18
Bible Studies for Life, Dec 4


Parents can help kids learn to handle schoolyard bullies

Words matter

My mother always told me, "If you can't say something good about somebody, just don't say anything at all."
The fog of blogs

Almost everyone has driven through white-out fog at some point in their life. On especially humid days, fogs can become so dense that drivers commute with hazard lights flashing in order to be seen clearly by other commuters. Indeed, sometimes the fog is so thick the best thing to do is just pull over and wait it out.
The Open Door

As this edition of The Index is being distributed at the annual meeting of the Georgia Baptist Convention, it is Tuesday morning, the beginning of a long day of business, worship, praise and vision-casting. I have been so grateful for the outstanding leadership of Dan Spencer, our president.


Our only hope as a nation

I have read Mr. Brock's letter in the Oct. 20 issue with more than casual interest.