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Issue Date: 2012-01-26
Volume: 191
Number: 2


GBC committed to forwarding CP gifts to national convention

Even while Georgia's unemployment rate remains one of the highest in the nation, the Georgia Baptist Convention remains committed to forwarding its Cooperative Program gifts to the SBC Executive Committee in Nashville as quickly as it has traditionally done.
Fayetteville church helps Japan's tsunami survivors learn to laugh again

A hush falls across the room when the odd-looking Americans arrive. The Japanese discreetly check out the bright, red hair. They whisper about the oversized clothes in primary colors. They touch their own noses, mentally comparing to the round red ones of their visitors.
2012 church compensation survey under way
The 2012 Compensation Survey of ministers and staff at Southern Baptist churches is underway at The deadline for completion is May 31.
The urge to merge will likely cause this church to surge

Baptists are all too familiar with church divisions and splits. There is a story that has been bantered around for years about some rural church known as Harmony Baptist Church having an altercation resulting in Harmony #1 and Harmony #2. The story is probably based on fact and would be laughable, if not likely tragically true.
What is SOPA and why should Georgia Baptists care?

If you attempted to look up information on Google, find help with your homework on Wikipedia, or get an idea for dinner on Pinterest Jan. 18 you saw part of what was probably the most effective online-specific protest in the relatively young history of the Internet.
GBC ministers: 'Hate Religion, Love Jesus' video is good, but needs clarification

The viral YouTube video featuring a poem called "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus" has an overall good message, but could be a little clearer, say Georgia Baptists.
Special need met
Blairsville ministry getting the handicapped outdoors

Harmony Grove Baptist Church, Blairsville Associate Pastor Jeff Deaver has had a love affair with the woods since he was six years old. It started with hunting squirrel and rabbits before moving up to deer, turkey and larger game as he grew up.
Romney's evangelical problem starts with theology

The good news for Mitt Romney: he's the Republican front-runner. The bad news for Romney: evangelicals remain reluctant to support him.
FBC Statesboro dedicates new worship center

First Baptist Church of Statesboro, constituted on Sept. 3, 1882, continues to be a dynamic church after 129 years of ministry in Bulloch County. In fact, under the leadership of Pastor John Waters the church recently moved into a sparkling new $11 million worship center. The dedication service for the new building was on Sunday, Nov. 6.
Evangelists: one of God's gifts to the church

Each January the Conference of Georgia Baptist Evangelists (COGBE) has a retreat designed for mutual encouragement and spiritual enrichment. These retreats are generally characterized by good fellowship, an obvious passion for spiritual revival, and reaching the lost with the Gospel of Christ. The recent meeting Jan. 6-7 was no exception.
'Courageous' now on DVD
The church-made film "Courageous," the top grossing film of all time from Sherwood Baptist in Albany, is now on DVD.

People and Places

New Hires
North Metro begins ramping up for Relay
South Newington Baptist receives 2011 VBS Award of Excellence
Ministerial Moves
Pastor heritage runs deep
Georgians take part in New Orleans commencement

Cooperative Program Stories

Making a lasting impact through the Cooperative Program

Do you want to be a part of changing the world?

Bible Study

Center of Everything

Colossians 1:9-23
Bible Studies for Life, Feb 5
Center of My Church

Colossians 1:24-2:7
Bible Studies For Life, Feb 12


That we all may be one

It all started when I mentioned that one of our parishioners, John, stopped attending because his left-leaning politics made him feel out of place at coffee hour, where he felt like he was at a Rush Limbaugh convention.
The Open Door

Michael Foust wrote an article that was published in Baptist Press, January 13, 2012 titled, "Tebow's 316 yards lead to Internet salvations." When I first became aware of Tim Tebow, he was quarterbacking the Florida Gators. I was thankful for a talented young man who loved Jesus and wanted to be a witness for his Lord.
"Since you asked ..."

Was Noah's flood global or local?
I there a connection between evolution and abortion?
I have heard that skunks have a role in the creation/evolution debate. Is that true?
Praising the despicable and demonizing the admirable

The football season is over, except for the Super Bowl. Since most of the teams I cheer for had lackluster seasons or unfortunate bowl performances, I am glad the season is history and look forward to next season's edition of both college and professional football.


'Southern' speaks volumes

Please permit an observation concerning the use of the Southern Baptist brand that speaks volumes about the use of "Southern."
Time to rethink how we elect GBC officers

I was thrilled to have been a part of the 2011 Georgia Baptist Convention. I was delighted to hear the testimony of Richard Suplita and the report of the GBC Study Task Force.