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Issue Date: 2012-02-23
Volume: 191
Number: 4


Ray Newman stands for truth, justice and the American Way

On the Superman homepage on the Internet it says, "1938 was a dark time for America. Crime and economic collapse spread over the land as war loomed in the distance."
Former Georgia Baptist leads Floridians to plant in the Northeast

Four years before Send North America was launched by the North American Mission Board to mobilize churches and local associations to plant and support new churches in underserved parts of the United States, Todd Unzicker was down in the Florida panhandle doing it.
NAMB trustees hear evangelism, church planting updates

Georgia Baptists will have a new tool in their arsenal next spring as they seek to reach their communities for Christ.
GBC college presidents voice opposition to contraception mandate

The presidents of all three Georgia Baptist Convention-affiliated colleges joined a growing number of evangelical and Catholic voices saying health care is now becoming a matter of freedom of religion.
SBC agencies respond to Index editorial
Treatise covers Calvinism, church planting, theological indoctrination

Southern Baptists must decide whether they are satisfied with a "presumable encroachment of Calvinism" in their leadership and seminaries, Baptist paper editor Gerald Harris wrote Feb. 9, drawing responses from SBC entities.
Four baptisms by church plant grace SBC building's lobby

When a crowd gathered in the lobby of the Southern Baptist Convention building to watch the baptisms of four children, it was a teaching moment for some in the urban community who were not familiar with one of Baptists' foundational experiences.
N.M. convention forms Glorieta committee

The Baptist Convention of New Mexico's Executive Board has followed up on a resolution adopted at the convention's annual meeting in October authorizing the creation of a committee to "explore the future and possibilities of Glorieta," LifeWay Christian Resources' conference center near Santa Fe.
A first-century fragment of Mark found?

Much of the biblical scholarly world has been buzzing since Feb. 1, when a New Testament professor made a claim during a debate that was news to most everyone who heard it - a first-century fragment of Mark's Gospel may have been found.
Open comments from NAMB and LifeWay to Index readers
In a Feb. 9 editorial, Editor J. Gerald Harris addressed the perception of Calvinism's encroachment into the life of Southern Baptist institutions.
GuideStone releases 2012 Ministers Tax Guide
The 2012 edition of GuideStone's annual Tax Return Preparation and Federal Reporting Guide is now available.
State Baptist execs to study NAMB relations
Seek to 'maximize cooperation'

State convention executive directors have appointed a special committee of their peers to evaluate relations with the North America Mission Board (NAMB).
Kansas-Nebraska exec says NAMB changes present challenges

Reports from a number of other state conventions related to changes in NAMB funding have surfaced the past several months and some are now public.
Midwestern Seminary President Phil Roberts resigns

The trustees of Midwestern Seminary Feb. 10 accepted the resignation of President R. Philip Roberts effective Feb. 29 during a called meeting at an airport hotel and named as acting president Robin Hadaway, associate professor of missions.

Georgia Newsbriefs

Pearce named to lead Emanuel Association
Emanuel Baptist Association has called Louis R. Pearce, Sr., as associational missionary.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves
Garrett honored for 25 years of service at Dykes Creek
King of the keys for 50 years at West Union
Mills recognized for deacon service at White Oak

Cooperative Program Stories

Mobile health unit provides gospel witness

Bible Study

I Call on You

Psalm 86:1-17
Bible Studies for Life, Mar 11
I Long for You

Psalm 42:1-11, 43:1-5
Bible Studies for Life, Mar 4


"Since you asked ..."

What happens to those professing to be Christians, but inwardly are not true believers?
A letter from the Atlanta jail

I admire folks with gumption, gallantry, grit and guts. I believe Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), is that kind of man. He has courage, boldness and intestinal fortitude.
The Open Door

As I write this Open Door it is prior to the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee meeting where we will hear a report regarding the recommendation on changing the name of the Southern Baptist Convention.


Concerns on sin addressed in BF&M

Our Sunday School class is studying the Faith and Message statement adopted by the SBC in June of 2000. In the process, we are comparing it to the 1963 message and the differences are very noticeable and encouraging.
Calvinism theology not a threat

I would like to comment on the recent editorial by Dr. Harris entitled, "The Calvinists Are Here" by quoting J. Steven Harper from the book "Four Views on Eternal Security"
'Heartbroken' over Calvinism taught in SBC seminaries

Thank you for the article on Calvinism. I am concerned that by focusing the minds of our seminary students on Reformed Theology instead of focusing on the Great Commission, we are doing a great disservice to the Kingdom of God, and to the hearts and passions of our young people.