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Issue Date: 2012-03-08
Volume: 191
Number: 5


South African couple follows God's call to Connecticut

No one understands doing whatever it takes to reach people for Christ better than Shaun Pillay.
'Great Commission Baptists' is proposed descriptor
Task Force stops short of suggesting new SBC name

Southern Baptists who are unhappy with their current name will have the option of adding another descriptor to their signs, stationary, or identification. Or do nothing at all, according to a report of the SBC Name Change Task Force.
SC's plan for raising $400,000 annually in designated gifts for IMB

The South Carolina Baptist Convention, even in the midst of budget cutbacks due to the recession, has carved $400,000 from its 2012 budget to send directly to the IMB as a designated gift.
What is a descriptor?

With the delivery of the SBC Name Change Task Force Report, a new word was introduced to the Southern Baptist lexicon: descriptor.
SBC 'proposed descriptor' summary with 'Speed read'
SBC Executive Committee adds MLK holiday
Action does not affect national agencies, state conventions

The SBC Executive Committee has added the Martin Luther King Jr. observance to its holiday schedule and will close the building beginning in 2013.
Georgia's Task Force representative shares his thoughts on the descriptor

For decades Bob Sena has had to defend the Southern Baptist Convention to extended family members and close friends.
Timeline of the name change issue
It only took Southern Baptists 58 years, from their founding in 1845 until 1903, to decide it might be time to change their name.
Anthony George accepts assistant pastorate at FBC Atlanta

Anthony George, pastor of Aloma Baptist Church, announced to his congregation on Sunday evening, March 4 that he has accepted the invitation of Charles Stanley to serve as assistant pastor of First Baptist Church in Atlanta.
White, Waters share thoughts on descriptor

GBC Executive Director J. Robert White is cautious about the descriptor but trusting the Task Force's opinion that it will prove to be more of a unifier than a divider among congregations.
NBA's Jeremy Lin 'called to be a Christian ... to be different'

A lifelong Los Angeles Lakers fan, Daniel Chan faced a dilemma on Feb. 10 with his team playing the hated New York Knicks and their sudden star Jeremy Lin.
Minister who stole $100K receives restoration

The past three years havenít been easy for Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church.
'Global Baptist' led the top 20 suggestions
The task force that studied changing the name of the Southern Baptist Convention received 586 distinct name suggestions, with "Global Baptist Convention" leading the way and "Great Commission Baptist Convention" - similar to the informal name that was chosen - ranking in the Top 5, an analysis shows.
Ten Commandments may be allowed in Georgia schools
Even as Ten Commandments displays have been chased out of schools and government buildings across the nation in recent years, the Georgia legislature is close to allowing them back in.
Questions and answers, online learning website, 'multiplies our efforts'

A free online learning community is capturing the training provided at many conferences and workshops throughout the Southern Baptist Convention and archiving it to view at any time.
Avoid these 10 financial missteps at your church, say GBC experts
For the individual, the need for accurate financial record keeping becomes sharper during tax season, but it's a year-round requirement for churches.
Elliff: Thanks for the offer but don't trim other entities to benefit IMB

Channeling more resources to the international mission field should come from churches increasing their gifts to the Cooperative Program and not by taking funds from other SBC agencies.

People and Places

Where in the world will you be?
Missions is a constant for Georgia Baptists and we want to pass along where you're going to be serving.
Attendees testify to state evangelism conference online

Participants taking in worship and preaching at the first two Georgia Baptist Evangelism conferences let their reflections be known immediately via Twitter.
Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Appalachian Regional Ministries

The people living in the shadows of the Appalachians, a mountainous stretch from New York to Alabama, have been defined to outsiders by legends, music and assumptions.

Bible Study

I Celebrate You

Psalm 92:1-15
Bible Studies for Life, Mar 18
I Thank You

Psalm 107:1-43
Bible Studies for Life, Mar 25


Ten Reasons why I think Barack Obama will be re-elected as U.S. President

Once there were eight Republicans scraping for the nomination to be president and represent their party on the national ticket. At last count that number had been reduced to four candidates who for the most part have been wearing each other down financially and emotionally.
Abortion and the power of forgiveness

There have been over 52 million abortions performed in the U.S. since the ignominious Roe v. Wade court decision in 1973.
The Open Door

When the Convention met at North Metro First Baptist last November, the Georgia Baptist Study Task Force presented their report, which followed the theme "Five Smooth Stones." The scripture reference is found in 1 Samuel 17, which reports that David the shepherd boy slew the giant Goliath with a sling and a stone.
"Since you asked ..."

Is Jesus the Only Way to Heaven?


In fairness to Calvin

Much ado about nothing?

Name change questioned