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Issue Date: 2012-04-19
Volume: 191
Number: 8


Poll: Bible readers open to other translations
Among regular Bible readers, more than a third indicate they read it nearly every day and typically use one primary version of the Bible.
Marriage 'A big deal to God'
Canton couple gives 10 components of a strong marriage

The ship of matrimony is sailing on troubled seas. Celebrity marriages are known for catastrophic endings. Outrageous Chicago Bulls basketball star Dennis Rodman married then 26-year-old "Baywatch" beauty Carmen Electra on Nov. 15, 1998. Their marriage ended just nine days after they exchanged vows.
Atheist shocked when church helps with bills

The man who threatened to sue a Texas county for placing a nativity scene on the courthouse lawn has had a shift in perspective, dropped the lawsuit and now plans to move to the county with his wife and cat.
Dowless affirms Shorter's biblical worldview
Some faculty cry foul over new guidelines

Shorter University President Don Dowless is defending the university's renewed commitment to Christian principles, even as faculty unrest has broken out in the media and on the Internet.
Boston church seeks Georgia VBS volunteers

Your Baptist brothers and sisters in Massachusetts need your help this summer.
Prayer, spiritual renewal top listening sessions
5 Stones emphasis gaining momentum

Georgia Baptist pastors attending the second of six 5 Smooth Stones listening sessions believe that the emphasis' overall points are on target and were especially pleased with priority that was given to the first point.
Church plant focuses on bringing heaven to earth

It's just about dusk at Heritage Glen apartments in the Cincinnati, OH, suburb of Fairfield. As the sun drops from sight, the lower light begins to mask some of the harsher realities of this low-income apartment complex - including the dilapidated tennis court that's populated with random cracks and missing a net, the overgrown grass, and the worn exterior paint job.
Celebrating 140 years of hope and healing

Charles De Lint, in The Onion Girl said, "Children are the brightest treasures we bring forth into this world, but too large a percentage of the population continues to treat them as inconveniences and nuisances, when they're not treating them as possessions or toys."
Committee on Resolutions named for 2012 SBC
SBC President Bryant Wright has named the members of the Committee on Resolutions who will serve during the June 19-20 Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting in New Orleans.
Masters winner Watson not ashamed of his Christian faith

There's something different about Bubba Watson.
Recent industry award recognizes GuideStone Funds
An investment process seeking to deliver performance guided by values
More than 160,000 pastors, church staff members, hospital employees and others have their retirement dollars with GuideStone Financial Resources. The majority of those dollars are invested in GuideStone Funds, the nation's largest Christian-based, socially screened, registered mutual fund company.
Union Grove is intentional about the Lord's business

Alan Hall, pastor of Union Grove Baptist Church in Auburn, recently preached a series of sermons using the theme "The Intentional Church." During the series he focused on five functions of the church: evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, worship and ministry/service.
Foxworthy to host game show on Bible knowledge
Add to the list of television viewing options a new game show that will test participants' knowledge of the Bible.
Thomas Kinkade,'Painter of Light,' dies unexpectedly
Self-described "Painter of Light" artist Thomas Kinkade, 54, died at his home on April 6 of what his family described as natural causes.
Jeremy Linn upbeat after surgery

The Linsanity may be over for now, but that hasn't stopped New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin from remaining upbeat and speaking of his faith in Christ.
National WMU introduces new look
National WMU has introduced new branding elements, including an updated trademark and tagline.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves
Williams called to Valdosta as administrator, minister of education

Cooperative Program Stories

Vacation Bible School: an evangelism and missions education opportunity
The leaders have been enlisted and trained. All of the rooms have been decorated. The details of the program have been ironed out. The refreshments are ready. Now for the very best part - here come the children! You can hear their laughter and sense their enthusiasm as they gather for Bible stories, music, games, crafts, and a week of summer fun with friends from the community at Vacation Bible School (VBS).

Bible Study

Jesus Is Coming Again

Matt. 24:9-14, 39b-44; Rev. 7:9; 22:12-14
Bible Studies for Life, April 29
Building a Legacy

Deuteronomy 6:1-15
Bible Studies for Life, May 6


The Open Door

This is that season of the year in which we all have to buckle down and do our income taxes. I have been accused by a family member who is very dear to me of waiting until the latest possible time to file my taxes.
Thanks for the opportunity to serve

Today, as I serve out my final year on the board of trustees with the Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation (GBHCMF), I asked the Index if I could take just a moment to express to Georgia Baptists, "You should be excited and proud of this ministry extension of the work of the kingdom of God and of our Georgia Baptist Convention."
"Since you asked "

Why do innocent people have to suffer?
Is atheism reasonable?

On March 24 the atheist/agnostics/humanists had what they called the "largest gathering of the secular movement in world history." The so-called "Reason Rally" was held on the Washington Mall in the nation's capital.