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Address leadership transition


I have some reservations about Ben Brammer’s column “Emerging Leaders or Submerging Servants?” While I agree that some Younger Leaders are going to be overzealous, I don’t think that warrants a column. Why don’t we confront and coach young men who are crossing the line individually? To write a column about it tends to widen the gap between those on both sides of the leadership transition.

Whether we want to admit it or not, there is a genuine leadership transition crisis in most organizations today, whether they be churches, businesses or denominations. Younger leaders are being marginalized, and it is widespread. I believe that many younger leaders are like myself – struggling to figure out how to lead, and we’re not getting much help from the established leadership in many cases.

One Christian businessman whom I know personally and greatly respect has taken the initiative to facilitate the leadership transition of his business by forming a “transition team.” He is expending the needed resources to make it happen and I envy his successor. Why can’t our churches and the SBC do the same?

While Ben is basking in the “afterglow of the blazing sun” of the accomplishments of previous generations and “washing the feet of these great men”, I think we need to focus on the mission and future of the SBC and the leadership transition crisis that we are facing. We can and must move forward – without forgetting the past or dishonoring any leader, emerging or established.