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Issue Date: 2004-08-26
Volume: 183
Number: 18


Somber anniversary
One year after the ACLU filed suit to remove the Ten Commandments from the Barrow County Courthouse, Georgia churches are still committed to the battle

Tap, tap, tap. Tap, tap. Tap, tap, tap. The sound of a hammer driving a nail into a wall in the Barrow County Courthouse may have been overlooked by many on a weekday afternoon 18 months ago, but its echo may reverberate all the way to the United States Supreme Court.
The man behind the hammer and the nail

Barrow County Commissioner Bill Brown didn’t think too much of the firestorm he was about to set off when he placed the Ten Commandments on a wall in a breezeway in the county courthouse.
America’s Founding Fathers valued Christianity
While some revisionists try to portray the nation’s Founding Fathers as being nominally Christian, Hice says the historical record paints a different picture.
Lake Tahoe
BSU summer missionaries introduce children to the spirit of Christ

Barrett Fantozzi knew she had made a difference in a child’s life when she overheard the kindergarten student telling his parents that he wanted to attend church next Sunday. His mother honored his request and when the day rolled around, there they stood as first-time visitors at First Baptist Church.
Ten Commandments
This week's coverage of the Ten Commandments
If you build it ... for youth will they come?

Recently, a Newsweek poll indicated that 78 percent of teenagers said religion is important, and many gladly identified themselves as “spiritual,” though few wanted to be labeled “religious.” George Barna, the Christian pollster, has observed that two out of three teens strongly desire a personal relationship with God.
Georgia Revival Update

Georgia Newsbriefs

Chandler joins Music Ministries
Keith Chandler has accepted the position of music and worship consultant with the Georgia Baptist Convention. Chandler previously served for 16 years as minister of music at First Baptist Church in Lithia Springs.
Georgia disaster relief teams minister in wake of Hurricane Charley devastation in Florida
In response to the destruction brought on by Hurricane Charley throughout Florida, Georgia Baptist Disaster Relief Units joined other Southern Baptist disaster relief groups to bring aid to the region.

Baptist News Summary

Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit links up with NOBTS archaeological center
The Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center in Mobile, Ala., has been selected by the Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA) to host the traveling Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit Jan. 20 to April 24, 2005. With assistance from New Orleans Seminary, the Exploreum will display 12 authentic Dead Sea scrolls on loan from the IAA.
Fall Festival of Marriage proves to strengthen relationship in marriages
Five years ago Blackwelder Park Baptist Church here began giving Fall Festival of Marriage scholarships as wedding gifts to strengthen marriages in the congregation.
Seminary Extension reports successful academic reviews
Seminary Extension has passed its on-site course evaluation by the American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service, according to a report by Bill Vinson, director of the Southern Baptist entity based in Nashville, Tenn.
NOBTS’ Oxford Study Program spans notable lectures & historical sites
Looking to provide educational opportunities outside of the regular classroom setting, a group from New Orleans Seminary attended the 2004 Wycliffe Hall Summer School on the campus of Oxford University in conjunction with a new initiative – the NOBTS Oxford Study Program.
Christian Family Weekend: an oasis amid culture attacks on family
Families were provided an escape from the daily routine of life recently at Christian Family Weekend, an event held July 23-26 at LifeWay Glorieta Conference Center near Santa Fe, N.M.

Religious Newsbriefs

Diverse religious groups unite behind aid for Sudan in Save Darfur Coalition
An unusually broad coalition of Jewish, Muslim, Catholic and evangelical groups has come together to urge intervention by the United States and the United Nations in war-torn Sudan.
Abortion hot line ordered closed by judge
Although Causeway Center for Women calls itself an abortion referral service in the Yellow Pages, a federal judge ruled Aug. 4 it was nothing but a guise to stop women from seeking the procedure and ordered the phone line shut down.
Diverse religious groups unite behind aid for Sudan in Save Darfur Coalition
An unusually broad coalition of Jewish, Muslim, Catholic and evangelical groups has come together to urge intervention by the United States and the United Nations in war-torn Sudan.
Baptist World Alliance re-elects Lotz as general secretary to five-year term
The Baptist World Alliance has re-elected its general secretary, Denton Lotz, to another five-year term.
GOP taps former Christian music leader for convention entertainment
The Republican National Committee has hired the former head of the Gospel Music Association to oversee entertainment during the party’s upcoming convention in New York City, The New York Times reported.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Super "Wows" students with missions and evangelism

SuperWow once again “wowed” thousands of Georgia Baptist students, challenging them to embrace the characteristics of God.

Bible Study

Desiring to Know God Better

In the late eighties George Barna told us in one of his insightful reports that the nineties would be a time of spiritual revival in America. Of course, everyone was excited and desirous of being a part of this much-needed revival. The mistake that we Christian pastors and laypeople made was that we automatically assumed the revival Barna was talking about would be a Christian one.
Responding to God’s Holiness

During the ministry of Isaiah, who is the most noted of all the writing prophets, a great deal of time is spent warning Israel about the coming judgment of God due to their sinfulness. Isaiah is also noted for his emphasis on the coming kingdom of Jesus Christ. He tells us, in very majestic language, who Jesus is and about His redemptive work.


Good teachers create classrooms free of ridicule

The need for both frogs & tadpoles

New York Giants owner Wellington Mara claims Jesus’ parable of the pearl of great price inspired him to part with several draft choices and a load of cash in order to draft rookie quarterback Eli Manning. Then, he signed two-time NFL MVP Kurt Warner, who will both compete for the starting quarterback job and serve as Manning’s mentor.
The Open Door

As I travel throughout Georgia visiting and speaking among our churches, I receive some of the greatest blessings of my entire ministry. Last Sunday was certainly one such occasion.
The unheeded terror alert

The security measures employed to safeguard the city of Boston for the Democratic National Convention cost taxpayers almost $40 million. Keeping the delegates to the DNC safe was of utmost importance.


Choose Life

Georgia Right to Life invites you to educate yourself and join in the fight against abortion. Make plans to attend the annual Choose Life Convention on October 16th at Rehoboth Baptist Church in Tucker.
Schools are a mission field

I found Dr. Harris’ viewpoint in the May 20th issue of the The Christian Index refreshing because I do agree with his position and have said this myself several times. I believe the public schools are a huge mission field that 95% of the community funnels through and it is in our backyard!
Information needed

I am writing a history-based book tentatively titled Women Deacons: 400 Years of Baptist Service.
Young ministers desire involvement

Thank you for putting Jimmy Draper’s article in a recent issue of The Christian Index. It is nice for a change to see someone standing up for young ministers like myself. I am a 29-year-old bi-vocational pastor. I have been a US/C-2 missionary and a church planter in West Virginia. Even though I have had these experiences, as well as many others, many of the “older” ministers look upon me and other “youthful” ministers as children. So many times their actions remind me of W.C. Fields famous line, “Go away from me kid; you bother me.”