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Issue Date: 2012-07-26
Volume: 191
Number: 15


Hot summer days, cool snowballs provide ministry

In many ways Jerry St. Pierre can be described as the life of the party. People crowd around him on the hottest of New Orleans days, seeking great conversation and a cool outlook on life that would put anyone at ease.
More to see, the growth of digitized Scripture

Georgia Senator Bill Heath, R-31, canít avoid hesitating when he thinks about opening his Bible Ö at church.
Olivet Univ. eyes Glorieta as main campus
New Mexico Baptists turn down LifeWay offer

The potential sale of LifeWay Glorieta Conference Center has turned from the Baptist Convention of New Mexico to a California-based Christian school, Olivet University.
Strategic plan guides Rehoboth's future

On Sunday, June 3, Rehoboth Baptist Church installed Dr. Troy Bush as senior pastor. While he has already assumed the pastorate of the Tucker church, Bush also has the distinct responsibility of pastoring a church hosting ten other congregations on its campus.
How to serve your pastor - FBC Pooler knows

The lives of Otis and Jean Hill were changed forever on the evening of Oct. 23, 2008 when tragedy that had just impacted their lives also altered the landscape of life for the members of First Baptist Church of Pooler, where Otis is pastor.
NAMB-endorsed chaplain leaves SBC after gay marriage story
A chaplain endorsed by the North American Mission Board informed the agency July 19 that heís leaving the Southern Baptist Convention following an Associated Press story that included his presence at a military gay marriage ceremony.
In Venezuela city slums, couple meets spiritual, physical needs

Missionary Ed Engle puts his life in Godís hands as he begins his journey up the mountain to El Coche, a slum in Caracas, Venezuela.
Index readers comment on "Nation of fools" editorial

People and Places

48 yrs of perfect attendence
Garry and Gail Willis honored for 30 years of service
Ministerial Moves
Longtime association ministry leader Bob Franklin dies
Bob Franklin, former director of missions for Noonday and Mid-State Baptist associations, died July 8 after a long battle with injuries sustained from a November car accident. He was 78.

Cooperative Program Stories

Golden Isles Ministries: on mission with meaning

In 1976 at his annual Associational Spring Meeting, associational missionary John Carr shared his vision for a ministry to reach the Golden Isles area of southeast Georgia. When that faith seed was sown, roots began to spread among key Georgia Baptist leaders such as Jim Griffith, Henry Neal, and Jack Lowndes.

Bible Study

Make No Excuses

Jeremiah 1:4-14, 17-19
Bible Studies for Life, August 5
Let Your Heart Be Broken

Jer. 8:4-13, 18 Ė 9:1
Bible Studies for Life, August 12


I agree with Guttenberg

No, I am not referring to Johannes Gutenberg, the man who is credited with printing the first Bible with movable type in the West. In fact the Gutenberg Bible, printed in the 1450s, was the first major book produced on a printing press in the world.
What guests see when they visit your church

In the context of serious theological discussions, it may seem trivial to write about first impressions of guests when they visit your church. But if we could understand that a returning guest has more opportunities to hear the Gospel and experience Christian love and fellowship, we might take the issue a bit more seriously.
"Since you asked ..."
What about "gray areas" where the Bible is not specific?
The Open Door

The time for the election of the President of the United States is quickly approaching. Are you registered to vote? If you are a registered voter, you might think that for most Georgia Baptists that may not be a relevant question since probably most Georgia Baptist church members are registered to vote.