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Issue Date: 2012-08-23
Volume: 191
Number: 17


First Baptist Cochran's Kletcke places 2nd at Bible Drill nationals

Bethany Kletcke can testify to the benefits of memorizing Scripture.
Pinnacle serves as re-entry portal for MKs

They came from all corners of the world for 72 hours, descending on Pinnacle Retreat Center for a few days of rest and relaxation. And then, just as quickly as they arrived, were scattered across the nation like being spun from a whirling centrifuge.
Five ways to encourage your pastor

Seldom does the conversation continue very long before a ministerial friend of mine, Don Patterson, makes the following proclamation, "I am encouraged!"
Extreme Makeover: university edition

On ABC’s "Extreme Makeover" tummy tucks, liposuctions, and facelifts are commonplace. Occasionally, colleges and universities may undergo dramatic transformations, but few have had the kind of “makeover” Shorter University has experienced in the past 18 months.
Student Achievement Award Winners 2012
This fall, 21 outstanding college freshmen will receive scholarships through the Georgia Baptist Student Achievement Award program. These young men and women were chosen from among 66 nominees and 33 applicants as a result of their scholastic achievement and outstanding involvement in both their churches and communities. The scholarships, amounting to $4,000 each and paid over four years, are funded through the Cooperative Program and provided jointly by Georgia Baptist colleges and the Georgia Baptist Convention.
Losing it
First Baptist Washington members join together to drop 2012 pounds in 2012

Plans are coming together for First Baptist Church's annual homecoming celebration, held Oct. 20-21. There will be singing and preaching, fellowshipping and eating, all kicked off with a 5K run on Saturday.
Meadowdale church partners with Malawi

Steven Pearson, pastor of Meadowdale Baptist Church, emphatically states, "Our vision is to reach out to our community and our world with the ministry and the message of Christ."
Being Social
Heartbroken: TMC students, IMB workers reach out to Sikhs

He wept for them. His heart broke for them. He now feels called to serve them.
LifeWay pondering sale of Glorieta to California university

There are some gifts that you can't afford to accept.
Southern Baptist leaders: Calvinism should not divide SBC

A panel of four Southern Baptist leaders on Aug. 4 talked honestly about the division within the convention over the issue of Calvinism while offering suggestions and maintaining that Southern Baptists should and can unite, despite differences.
Brewton-Parker, GBC to offer course work
Brewton-Parker College and Associational Missions Ministries of the Georgia Baptist Convention have entered into an agreement that will allow bi-vocational pastors to enroll in select off-campus Christian Studies and Ministry courses.
Retirees gather for memories, fellowship

There was a day when new hires at the Georgia Baptist Convention were quizzed about their typing speed for their manual typewriters. And women were no longer employed after they were "expecting."
Hunt among SBC advisory team on Calvinism

Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee President Frank Page has announced the members of an advisory team who will help him craft a strategic plan to bring together various groups within the convention who hold different opinions on the issue of Calvinism.

People and Places

Baxley men undertake a resolution
Father and daughter baptized at First Abbeville
Stevens Grove Baptist celebrates centennial anniversary
Ministerial Moves
Shady Grove, Dublin class gives to women's center

Bible Study

Back to Basics

Matthew 5:1-16
Bible Studies for Life, Sept. 2
High Expectations

Matthew 5:17- 48
Bible Studies for Life, Sept. 9


The Open Door

A few years ago an employee of The Index was having some fun with a picture he took of me skiing down a slope in Canada. It just happened to be prior to a winter Olympics. Under the picture he put a caption something like this, "Dr. White in training for the winter Olympics skiing event."
Are you a gold medal Christian?

There is something special, mesmerizing, fascinating, enchanting about the Olympic games. My wife, who is generally less than enthusiastic about athletic events, took an unusual interest in this year's Olympic Games.
"Since you asked ..."

How do you know God exists?
Let's give the advisory team a chance

Frank Page, president of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee, has announced the members of an advisory team assigned with the responsibility of bringing some kind of accord among the various groups in the convention who hold different opinions on the issue of Calvinism.