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Issue Date: 2012-11-29
Volume: 191
Number: 24


Planting churches in San Francisco

Thanks so much for your great article in the Nov. 1 issue, "Planting God's work near the Golden Gate," on Ben Pilgreen and Epic Church in San Francisco. The Lord is doing a great work in the Bay Area.
One man's trash is another's treasure

A wise man builds his house upon rock, and a foolish man builds his house upon sand. On the outskirts of Cairo, approximately 300 people have built their houses upon trash.
Rocky Mount moves Wednesdays outside

Backyard Bible Clubs and Vacation Bible School are nothing new to church ministry. Typically, it provides good missions experience - in a local setting - while giving area residents an opportunity to visit the church in a more relaxed environment. Many such events result in new members, even.
Tifton's Northside has an evangelism explosion

Have you ever seen a man blow up a hot water bottle until it bursts, break wooden and metal baseball bats, bend steel bars, break cement blocks with his hand or break a 350-pound block of ice by running into it with his shoulder?
Buckets of Care headed to New Jersey

During the annual meeting Disaster Relief ministries collected more than 1,000 buckets filled with cleaning supplies for victims of Hurricane Sandy. The buckets were destined for Manahawkin, NJ, where nearly 50 Georgia Baptist volunteers remain on site.
191st annual meeting, Second Baptist Church, Warner Robins
GBC Annual Meeting Wrap-Up
Baptists focus on Great Commission, Cooperative Program at annual meeting
Messengers set budget, honor state executive director for 20 years service

Georgia Baptist messengers to this year's annual convention emerged with a renewed commitment to reaching their state and world for Christ.
Georgia Baptist joins others in Congress
Southern Baptist - and Georgia Baptist - representation in Congress increased in the latest election.
2012 Report of the Committee on Nominations
Trustees of the Agencies and Institutions
'Body of Christ in action' amid Hoboken's woes from Sandy

Two weeks after superstorm Sandy tore through New Jersey, thousands of people still lacked food, clothing, and water. In the immediate aftermath of the storm, nearly half of Hobokenís population of 50,000 was trapped in their homes by floodwaters.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves
Coker named pastor emeritus at Enon Baptist in Rome
Second Baptist recognizes what Brown did for 47 years

Cooperative Program Stories

Cooperative Program
A Bridge to Cooperation

It's been said that you should never tear down a wall until you figure out why those who built it did so in the first place.

Bible Study

Yahweh Our Father

Psalm 103:2-6,8-13,17-18
Bible Studies for Life, Dec. 9
Yahweh Our Righteousness

Jeremiah 23:5-6; Romans 3:21-26; 10:1-4,9-10
Bible Studies for Life, Dec. 16


Reflections on the GBC annual meeting

While this will not even come close to being a comprehensive review of the GBC annual meeting or the state of the Georgia Baptist Convention as a whole, I thought I would share a few thoughts about our recent meeting.
"Since you asked ..."

When was the New Testament written?
Whereas, ... and therefore, be it resolved

The 2012 annual session of the Georgia Baptist Convention can now be logged as the most recent chapter in the annals of our history. Inspiring music, powerful preaching, and a concerted effort to highlight the Great Commission as the mission of each believer marked the 191st meeting.
The Open Door

I believe this was the finest Georgia Baptist Convention annual meeting in my memory. Do you know why? It is the power of prayer. We had more prayer surrounding this annual meeting than any in my memory.