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Issue Date: 2012-12-13
Volume: 191
Number: 25


The Brotherhood at Vilulah

Index readers would have to look far and wide to locate a more traditional Georgia Baptist congregation than they would find in Vilulah Baptist Church. For 145 years it has served as the backbone of the Vilulah community about 60 miles west of Albany.
Reveille is sounding ...

Most civilians would have difficulty even imagining the fears and horrors that would grip the mind and heart of a soldier in the midst of a military firefight. The thought of being in harm's way, characterized with flying shrapnel, hidden IEDs (improvised explosive devices), hostile fire, land mines, dirty bombs, etc., would unnerve the most stable and rock solid personalities.
Zig Ziglar, renowned layman & speaker, dies

Zig Ziglar, known worldwide for his folksy and often anecdotal motivational talks on success through serving others, died Nov. 28 at a Plano, TX hospital of complications from pneumonia. He was 86.
One small church. One lonely soldier. United around Christmas and the longing for peace.

For all practical purposes, it was a Christmas season that the 18-year-old Marine would rather not experience. Slogging through the mud in the drizzling, never-ending rain was beginning to wear on the enlisted man's spirit.
Charitable deduction cap would be 'devastating'

WASHINGTON (BP) - A proposal to limit charitable deductions would be devastating for churches, religious organizations, and other non-profits if adopted by the federal government, says a Southern Baptist church-state expert.

Taking a spiritual bite out of the Big Apple

In January 2007 The Christian Index announced that Patrick Thompson was joining the Georgia Baptist Convention staff as a Sunday School consultant.
Obama's opposition to lotteries applauded

As two winners of the $588 million Powerball jackpot prepare to split the winnings, new discussion is emerging of President Obama's views of the lottery as a "troublesome" form of "regressive taxation" harmful to the poor.
Spreading the Gospel from the heart of the Middle Kingdom

Beijing is an urban center peopled by the rich, politically privileged and utterly poor.
Revitalization conference draws record attendance

About 360 pastors, staff, and laymen from Georgia Baptist churches packed the Baptist Missions and Ministry Center on Dec. 6 for a church growth and revitalization conference sponsored by the North American Mission Board.
Is Christmas a lie?

According to The American Dictionary of the English Language, all the way back to our very first dictionary, Christmas is in it. Christmas is defined as: "A holiday celebration by Christians as the anniversary of the birth of Jesus" or some wording similar and saying the same thing.
As Syria disintegrates in war, Christians give refugees hope

The deepening crisis created by the civil war in Syria poses a major threat not only to the continued existence of that nation but to the stability of an already chaotic Middle East. This story and others found at cover the growing Christian ministry to thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing into neighboring countries. For more information go to
America: a divided nation

America is a divided nation and it has been caused by a fundamental fact. Partisan reporters on TV and radio have convinced many Americans that their opinions are 100 percent correct and that people who disagree with their viewpoints are "idiots, evil, and stupid."

People and Places

Savannah Association honors servants
Revival Reports
Andrew Pray 1981 2012
Chattooga Baptist youth feed families overseas

Ministerial Moves

Ministerial Moves

Bible Study

Jesus Our Immanuel

Isaiah 9:6-7; Matthew 1:18-25
Bible Studies for Life, Dec. 23
Jesus Our Shepherd

John 10:7-16
Bible Studies for Life, Dec. 30


Burritos and Feliz Navidad

Getting ready for Christmas seems to be a hassle every year. We put up two big Christmas trees in our home and lots of little trees. Of course you know what happens when a tree becomes vertical and a string of lights maybe two strings of lights decide to rebel against the spirit of Christmas and refuse to glow and glimmer. Suddenly the prospects of a merry Christmas regress into gloom, despair, and agony on me!
This season, give gifts more precious than gold

As you consider the gifts you will share with friends and loved ones, I recommend that you consider giving gifts that will ultimately be more precious than gold.
"Since you asked ..."

Who were the writers of the New Testament, and can we ascribe to them incredible Christianity?
The Open Door

The theme verse for this year's Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions reminds us that everything we have and everything we are belong to the Lord. The verse calls us to be liberal in love, in obedience, and in giving. The text is Matthew 16: 24-25: