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Issue Date: 2013-01-10
Volume: 192
Number: 1


California ministries seeking volunteers

To a certain degree, Sacramento is the stepchild to California's more glitzy, scenic, and trend-setting cities.
Survey: Pastors value Cooperative Program

Southern Baptist pastors have high opinions of the convention’s Cooperative Program, according to a study conducted by LifeWay Research.
States vote to raise budgets & CP in 2012 meetings

More than half of the state Baptist conventions that participate in Southern Baptists’ Cooperative Program approved increases for their 2013 budgets, reversing a five-year trend that peaked last year.
Frank Upchurch, health care leader since 1989, dies Dec. 28
Frank Upchurch, president and chief executive officer of the Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation, died Dec. 28 after an extended illness. He was 65.
CP fuels church's Great Commission outreach
Former GBC pastor Haun helps lead missions efforts

The enormity of the Gospel task requires a massive effort, much more than First Baptist Church of Morristown, TN, can do on its own, says Pastor Dean Haun.
After two years the Becks are back home

A severe storm watch was issued for 30 counties in North Georgia at 8:03 p.m. on April 27, 2010. By the time the watch expired at 2 a.m. on Sunday, April 28 Cedartown had experienced the fury of nature’s most dangerous and destructive storm – the tornado.
SBC-wide call to prayer for 2013 issued by Frank Page
Frank S. Page, president and "chief encouragement officer" of the SBC Executive Committee, is asking Southern Baptists to come together in 2013 for a year of emphasis on prayer "like none we’ve ever seen before."
Adoption credit made permanent in 'cliff' bill
Many Georgia Baptist families among those to benefit

The so-called “fiscal cliff” bill signed by President Obama didn’t fully please either political party, but it did contain great news for the adoption community by maintaining a tax credit that makes adoption more affordable for low- and middle-income families.
Hobby Lobby apparently will defy gov't on abortion mandate

Arts and crafts store Hobby Lobby apparently is willing to defy the federal government and face huge fines for not covering abortion-inducing drugs following a string of court losses in December.

People and Places


Cooperative Program Stories

Discipling All Nations

Is God still calling young people to go and make disciples of all nations? The answer to that question is a resounding and joyful "YES!" But how does it happen? And what helps a person find the support he or she needs to fulfill that call? The answer lies in local church cooperation.

Ministerial Moves

Ministerial Moves

Bible Study

Obadiah: A Message of God's Justice

Obadiah 1-4, 10-15, 17-18, 21
Bible Studies for Life, January 20
Haggai: A Message of Hope

Haggai 1:2-9; 2:4-5, 9, 18-19, 23
Bible Studies for Life, January 27


The Open Door

I am being challenged and blessed as I read through Andrew Murray’s book, “Living a Prayerful Life.” This is an important focus just now as I am praying for a great year ahead of focusing on the first smooth stone of “Spiritual Renewal.” Prayer is the key to spiritual renewal. It is the source of blessing and power for the Christian, and yet, we neglect prayer as though we are ignorant of the power of prayer.
The spiritual warfare of family

To make themselves tired, the boys got out of the bed on Christmas Eve to run up and down the hallway outside their rooms. Their thinking went like this: If we get up and run, we will get tired. If we get tired, we will go to sleep faster. If we sleep fast, Christmas morning will come quicker. If Christmas morning comes quicker, we will open presents sooner.
'Since you asked ...'

QUESTION: What corroborating evidence do we have to support the historicity of the New Testament?
The most dangerous place on earth

During the Christmas break I happened to see a terrifying program on Animal Planet called “Rattlesnake Republic.” I don’t know why I was urged to watch such tripe, but I did and on the program I saw some demented creature get in a coffin and have dozens of rattlesnakes piled on top of him. Horror of horrors!