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Issue Date: 2013-01-24
Volume: 192
Number: 2


Midwestern president talks to the Index
Recently, the editor of The Christian Index interviewed Jason Allen as he was assuming his responsibilities as fifth president of Midwestern Seminary in Kansas City, MO. The tall, young, sartorially elegant, affable president was forthright and accommodating, as the following interview will reveal.
George Faile - closest to God in Ghana

Ghana, a nation on Africa's west coast about the size of Georgia and South Carolina combined, has a population of approximately 23 million people. The temperature often rises to 115 to 120 degrees. The life expectancy is 45-50 years.
Survey: Many pastors lack estate planning

A recent survey conducted by LifeWay Research on behalf of the Southern Baptist Foundation found 37 percent of SBC pastors do not have a trust, will, living will, electronic will, legacy story, or durable power of attorney with health care directives.
Adopting a new perspective at First Eastman

Last year someone looking through the church bulletin for First Baptist Eastman might have stopped at a routine announcement for the upcoming May 13 Parent/Child Dedication service.
Georgia native Michael Lewis to be NAMB liaison with SBC pastors

Former Georgia pastor Michael Lewis has been tapped by the North American Mission Board to serve as the agency's liaison with Southern Baptist pastors.
Ten Georgians walk at New Orleans Seminary graduation
New Orleans Seminary held commencement services Dec. 15, with several graduates having Georgia ties.
GBC ends 2012 in the black
Georgia Baptists lauded for sacrificial giving

Georgia Baptists increased their giving to state and international missions through Cooperative Program contributions to the state convention in 2012, signaling the first time the Georgia Baptist Convention has met its budget in five years.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves
Ennis honored for 50 years of perfect attendance

Cooperative Program Stories

Responding to new realities

When one drives down Buford Highway in Duluth, seeing a traditional redbrick, t-shaped church building in the midst of commercial and industrial businesses may seem odd. What may be even more peculiar is that inside that church building is an intercultural congregation.

Bible Study

Jesus Our Shepherd

John 10:7-16
Bible Studies for Life, Feb. 10
The Truth of the Gospel

1 Timothy 1:3-7, 12-20
Bible Studies for Life, February 3


"Since you asked ..."

How do we defend the life of the unborn?
Gambling: getting nothing for something

What in the world is happening in America? We have children senselessly slaughtered in a public school; and there are those who think the solution is to have stricter gun control. It makes just as much sense to control the sale of automobiles because there are drunk drivers on the highway, or ban surgeries because some surgeons have been guilty of malpractice.
The Giglio sermon he was right on all counts

Georgia pastor Louie Giglio was pressured to step down from offering the benediction at President Obama's upcoming inauguration due to what has been deemed by some as unacceptable remarks made in a sermon almost 20 years ago.
The Open Door

Andrew Murray, in his book, "Living a Prayerful Life," wrestles with the subject of our personal battle against prayerlessness. Most of us are so accustomed to tackling our problems in our own might that we think this is something we can simply fix.