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Issue Date: 2013-02-21
Volume: 192
Number: 4


Patiently waiting for the last chapter

Randy Mullinax was a Georgia Baptist state missionary for only one year, but through his winsome demeanor and gregarious personality made a positive impact everywhere he went.
Being Social
NAMB moving ahead with Baptist centers
Annie offering up 1.9 percent for NAMB

Southern Baptists boosted their giving to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions by 1.9 percent last year, resulting in $57.2 million being channeled to the agency.
Guns: 'Packing heat in church' increasingly allowed in U.S.

As gun control takes high priority on Capitol Hill, state legislatures increasingly are allowing concealed guns in our most sacred place, the church, either for personal protection or for worshippers designated as church security personnel.
Will Bacon to lead Health Care Ministry Foundation

Will Bacon has been named to head the Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation by the group's board of directors.
Struecker and Calvary reaching out to the U.S. military

The United States military is constantly in the news for a variety of reasons. For example, we often receive news of the death of military personnel.
Scouts, delaying vote, spark Baptist leaders' hopefulness

Facing pressure from its supporters and members, the Boy Scouts executive board announced Feb. 6 it is delaying a decision on lifting its prohibition of gay Scout leaders and members until May, when it will put the matter before its 1,400 voting members.
Seeing, being what God made

When the commercial appeared, Clay Young and Shannon Sledge were among millions of others to see it. Unlike many of those other viewers, though, they already had a deep appreciation for farmers.
Disaster relief training underway

The rare occurrence of a January tornado was plenty enough to remind Georgia Baptists that the season for rough weather is bearing down.
Childhood memory reawakens call to LoveLoud ministry

A new home, new position, new ministry, and new outlook came to Lorna Bius in the summer of 2012. But there was something oddly familiar about it all.

People and Places

Evangelists ready for Harvest Day
Churches primarily located in West Metro Association are preparing for Harvest Day services this Sunday, scheduled as predecessors to the GBC Re:Vision Evangelism Conference to be held Feb. 25-26 at First Baptist Douglasville.
New hires
Revival reports
Baxter gets Capitol recognition for 30 years
Ministerial Moves
Godwin honored for twenty years at Ephesus
BPC's Simoneaux honored with community award
Rushing named associational missionary of the year

Cooperative Program Stories

Being everywhere from the Georgia mountains

The beauty and tranquility of north Georgia's mountains provide an escape for scores of southerners, many of whom maintain second homes there before eventually retiring to a simpler way of life.

Bible Study

Tradition or God's Word?

Matthew 15:1-11, 17-20
Bible Studies for Life, March 3
Half-Hearted Interest or Total Commitment?

Luke 9:20-26, 57-62
Bible Studies for Life, March 10


The Open Door

Two years ago, after Janice had heard me say repeatedly, "I surely would enjoy singing with The Sons of Jubal," she said, "Why don’t you stop talking about it and go ahead and join the men. You’ll enjoy it." So, I did.
"Since you asked ..."

How do we defend the life of the unborn?
Dodge Ram trucks and pastors

In addition to the media hype that typically accompanies the Super Bowl each year, there are the outrageous million-dollar commercials – actually, it cost $4 million for a 30-second ad this year – and bawdy halftime shows that do nothing but denigrate the game and add fuel to the desecration of the Lord's Day.
The main reasons people leave a church

Numbers of gifted persons and organizations have studied the phenomenon of the church "back door," the metaphorical way we describe people leaving the church. And there will always be the anticipated themes of relocation or personal crises. We should recognize those issues, though we can respond to the latter more than the former.