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Disapproves of CBF article


The recent article, “CBF church count violates autonomy, scholars say” by Gregory Tomlin (page 18, Aug. 31) really should be named for what it is – a shameless attempt at continuing a hateful and vindictive attack on fellow Christians in the name of being intellectually right.

The scholars are all from seminaries that have won the war to impose their brand of doctrine on their students so why are they still so angry? Could it be that in winning the doctrine war they lost their sense of forgiveness and grace? Are they so consumed by being right that they have to pick the smallest most meaningless issues just to kick their brother once more?

So what if CBF counts all the churches that send money? Are they so hurt by the challenge to their doctrine that they must continue the battle? If the church people who are so offended by this really want to do something about it, they should vote out the church members that send money to the CBF. While they’re at it they should look into every member’s checkbook to be sure they haven’t sent any money to the Catholic hospital or the Methodist relief fund as well.

When will all of this back biting end? When people return to the gospel and discover again that Jesus was far more interested in reconciliation and healing than in condemnation and one-upmanship.