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Issue Date: 2013-05-30
Volume: 192
Number: 11


SBC Disaster Relief responds to Oklahoma tornado devastation

Many were killed as a historic tornado moved through the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore May 20, prompting the North American Mission Board to direct all incoming disaster relief funds to the area.
Index catering to readers on the go

Tablet. Desktop and laptop. Smartphone. Home delivery. Regardless of their favorite method of getting news about Georgia Baptists, Christian Index readers now have a variety of platforms on which to receive their content. And it means they are never far away from breaking news and inspiring stories about missions and evangelism.
Christian philosopher Dallas Willard dies
Dallas Willard, Christian philosopher and author, died May 8 in Woodland Hills, CA from cancer. He was 77.
Hearts ready for Gospel, Elliff tells appointees

Turner Bowman* walked into a jail cell as the door slammed behind him. He knew all too well the sounds, smells, and sights of captivity. "I was serving as a jail chaplain when God called me not just to a person in physical bondage, but a people in spiritual bondage," he said.
Raceway Ministries Atlanta in gear to serve

The Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton has been one of the movie locations for such films as Smokey and the Bandit and Stroker Ace. The 1.54-mile quad-oval track with a seating capacity of over 125,000 is one of the fastest tracks on the NASCAR circuit.
Liberty pastor 'tweets' about a resurrection

Brian Branam was enjoying his tenth year as pastor of Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Birmingham when he was first contacted by the pastor search team of Liberty Baptist Church in Dalton. Branam had led the Birmingham church to relocate their new site ten miles from the old facility in the eastern section of Alabama’s largest city.
Great Commission moment is now, Elliff tells trustees
It's a question that both haunts and drives Tom Elliff, the kind that sometimes wakes him in the middle of night. But IMB's president won't answer it until he dies, stands before the judgment seat of Christ, and hears it fall from the lips of his Savior: "What did you do with what I entrusted to you?"
Boy Scouts overturn ban on gay members

Delegates to the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) May 23 approved new membership guidelines which open the ranks of the organization to homosexual members. Young men who openly claim to be homosexual may now participate as Scouts.
Andrews' commentary is 'spot on'

I applaud Steve Andrews' guest commentary in the May 16th issue. To use a term that you are more likely to hear at the PASSION Conference ... Rev Andrews is Spot On.
NAMB purchases two Atlanta properties for church planting

The North American Mission Board has purchased two properties in downtown Atlanta for use by future church planters.
Discover Point's baptism ratio – amazing

Discover Point Church is not your average, traditional Georgia Baptist congregation. In fact, Lead Pastor Philip Lehman stated, "Here at Discover Point, we don't have traditions – only fun, friendly people who love God."
If you see something, say something

I was watching the local news and there was a report on crime and neighborhood watch groups. The law enforcement official was stressing the importance of the statement that if you "see something then say something."
IRS targets include Graham, Baptist newspaper

The ministry founded by famed evangelist Billy Graham and a 180-year-old Baptist newspaper, the Biblical Recorder, say they were targeted by the Internal Revenue Service, Fox News has learned.
Grateful for the evangelist

Maysville Baptist Church recently enjoyed the ministries of evangelist Jon Reed and Erica Branch at our Big Tent Event. It was more than just a revival; it was an intentional time of reaching people in our surrounding communities with the Gospel.
The GBC and its Calvinistic history

Are you aware that the founders of the Georgia Baptist Convention were Calvinists? Did you know that throughout the nineteenth century the consensus among Georgia Baptists was, you guessed it, Calvinism?

Georgia Newsbriefs

Baughcum, Mullinax join GBC staff
Index seeking churches on mission

Baptist News Summary

Former Georgia pastor considering Senate run
Pastors at SBC to hear mission challenges
Kentucky Baptist board adopts 50/50 CP allocation
NY church tackles mental illnesss
Names in the News

People and Places

First Baptist Eastman honors pastor’s 20 years of service
Ministerial Moves
Musella Baptist retires note

Cooperative Program Stories

Meeting challenges of ethnic church planting

The face of Georgia is changing. No one knows that better than the Georgia Baptist Convention's Intercultural Church Planting and Missions Ministries team. State missionary Jerry Baker has been watching the change for 35 years.

Bible Study

God Delivers His People

Exodus 3:7-10; 12:12-31; 14:1-26
Bible Studies for Life, June 16
God Chooses a People

Gen. 12:1-7, 15:5-17
Bible Studies for Life, June 9


5 tips for graduates

It's graduation season, when bright young students must endure one final, mind-numbing lecture before collecting their degrees: the commencement address.
The Open Door

I have had the joyous privilege of baptizing five of my nine grandchildren so far. I was thrilled this week when my daughter Kathy told me that her youngest daughter Hannah, age 8, was ready to talk to me about making her profession of faith and being baptized. I was overjoyed.
"Since you asked ..."

Can secularists be trusted in matters of science?
Boots on the ground

Some may consider this editorial to be self-serving, but I have prayed for objectivity and clarity in the writing of this treatise.