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President Bush greets seminarians at Habitat for Humanity worksite


NEW ORLEANS (BP) — When a group from New Orleans Seminary arrived at a Habitat for Humanity project in the Upper Ninth Ward on Aug. 29, they expected a hard day’s work. What they didn’t expect was to meet the president of the United States.

However, the team of 40 NOBTS students, professors, and staff members got a rare treat of meeting and praying with George W. Bush as they worked on Habitat for Humanity’s Baptist Crossroads site.

Bush took time to greet each NOBTS student, faculty, and staff member at the site. He shook every hand and spoke to each volunteer. Then he acknowledged the work of the group, saying, “Thanks for the example you are setting – loving your neighbor as yourself. God bless you.”

Several members of the group told the president they were praying for him and he expressed his thanks. Bush said he enjoys hearing that complete strangers are praying for him. At that, one student asked if the group could pray with him, and he agreed.

About 20 members of the NOBTS family, sweaty from long hours in the sun, huddled closely and laid hands on the president. Scott Drumm, associate dean of the seminary’s Leavell College, voiced their prayer.