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Issue Date: 2013-06-13
Volume: 192
Number: 12


Poll: Americans still see religion's importance

WASHINGTON (BP) Despite a common belief that culture is rejecting faith-based ideas, a majority of Americans say society would improve with a stronger religious presence.
RAs remain best option for churches, leaders say
In wake of Boy Scouts decision

Churches that are disappointed with the recent Boy Scouts decision on homosexuality don't need to reinvent the wheel by creating a new organization more in keeping with their spiritual values.
Calvinism committee issues report

NASHVILLE (BP) A 19-member advisory committee on Calvinism has issued its report to Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee President Frank Page, acknowledging tension and disagreement within the denomination on the issue while urging Southern Baptists to "grant one another liberty" and "stand together" for the Great Commission.
A Statement from the Calvinism Advisory Committee
Southern Baptists are Great Commission people. We are also a doctrinal people, and those doctrinal convictions undergird our Great Commission vision and passion. We are a confessional people, who stand together upon the doctrines most vital to us all, confessed together in The Baptist Faith and Message.
Leave Boy Scouts, pastor advises parents, suggesting Baptist alternative

MARIETTA (BP) Parents of Boy Scouts should remove their children from the organization, Atlanta-area pastor Ernest Easley advised in his May 26 sermon.
Keeping vigil
Roswell church continues prayer support for Iranian pastor

ROSWELL Pastor Nasser Jallali and members of Iranian Church of Resurrection pray daily for a man they've never met yet hold like a brother and son.
Calvinism Advisory Group Unanimously Affirms its EC Advisory Report
David S. Dockery, chairman; president, Union University, Jackson, Tenn.: For several years, Southern Baptists have been asking important questions about our identity and our future. At times we have struggled with trying to grasp the breadth of our doctrinal and historical differences, particularly related to matters such as Calvinism.
Other SBC leaders express concern
Ernest Easley was among numerous Southern Baptist leaders who expressed dismay over the Boy Scouts' move to open its ranks to openly gay participants in the weeks before the vote.
Iran's Christians facing 'systematic persecution'

TEHRAN (BP) Iran's treatment of its Christian minority has come under fresh scrutiny in recent months with some harsh reports on the country's human rights record.
Calvinism report 9 months in process

NASHVILLE (BP) -- A 19-member advisory team on Calvinism, in concluding nine months of work, has issued its seven-page report, "Truth, Trust, and Testimony in a Time of Tension."
The value of a church-based RA program

"Once an RA, always an RA," maintains Mike Emeott as he thinks about the foundational precepts he learned beginning in the first grade.
Hutchens to head Georgia Billy Graham emphasis
SUGAR HILL Longtime SBC evangelism leader J.W. Hutchens has been named as the Georgia representative of Billy Graham's upcoming outreach.
Eyes to see
Nicaragua missions trip helps bring clarity for the Gospel

MANAGUA, Nicaragua "Now I can read my Bible again."

She was 75 years old and one of many to come to the eyeglass clinic held in the small village of Christo Rey translated "Christ the King." She hadn't been able to see in a long time and had difficulty cooking for her family.

In 2012 SBC churches up, baptisms down

NASHVILLE (BP) Southern Baptists experienced growth in the number of churches affiliated with the convention in 2012 and the total amount given for denominational missions causes. However, according to the Annual Church Profile (ACP) compiled by LifeWay Christian Resources in cooperation with Baptist state conventions, most of the ACP metrics declined in 2012 including membership, average attendance, baptisms, and total giving.
The RAs Pledge

Royal Ambassadors is a uniquely Southern Baptist missions education program which involves Bible study and Scripture memorization as well as camp crafts and outdoor activities which sharpen young boys skills in the great outdoors.
Who to call
The Royal Ambassadors organization was founded in 1908 by Woman's Missionary Union, a full two years prior to the Boy Scouts. It was transferred to the Memphis, TN-based Brotherhood Commission in the 1950s and was moved to the North American Mission Board in 1997.
Frank Page's 'Melissa': suicide & God's love

NASHVILLE (BP) "I love you, Daddy." "I'm so proud of you." "Thank you for being there for me no matter what." Surreptitiously handwritten expressions, seemingly from the grave.

People and Places

Rowelling along for 30 years
Servicemen express thanks for Pinecrest support
Revival reports
Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Legacy Planning serves families, extends missions giving

NORCROSS David and Shay Tanner knew they needed to make some big decisions. Their life together was good after five years of marriage. But they were also wise enough to know that life circumstances could bring major changes.

Bible Study

God Dwells Among His People

Exodus 26:30-33; 29:43-46; 40:34-38
Bible Studies for Life, June 30
God Instructs His People

Exodus 20; 24:1-8
Bible Studies for Life, June 23


12 ways pastors went from burnout to vision

NASHVILLE (BP) There are few vocations that can engender burnout like the pastorate. The demands on a pastor's time, emotions, and energy can be overwhelming. When I was a pastor, I often felt at least the symptoms of burnout.
"Since you asked ..."

Question: We are living in a post-Christian, postmodern world where Christians are often ridiculed for standing up for biblical truth. How can we be strong for Christ when secularists ridicule those of us who are trying to remain true to biblical truth?
In response to the Calvinism advisory team report

On February 9, 2012 The Christian Index published my editorial entitled, "The Calvinists are here." The editorial received considerably more attention than I anticipated or wanted. The reviews were mixed, but I received plenty of counsel, commendations, and criticism.
The Open Door

Andy Cook, senior pastor of the Shirley Hills Baptist Church in Warner Robins, has written a marvelous book on the land of Israel titled, "Secrets from Ancient Paths." The book is beautifully illustrated by photography of significant Biblical sites by William Haun. The title is based on Jeremiah 6:16, "Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls."