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Issue Date: 2013-06-27
Volume: 192
Number: 13


WMU, ERLC launch anti-pornography initiative

An initiative seeking commitments from 1 million men to live pornography-free lives was launched at the SBC annual meeting June 11-12 in Houston.
Thanks for Calvinism coverage

Thank you for your inclusion of the Calvinism report in the Christian Index. I was one of those who contacted you last year to express my concerns regarding your editorial article entitled, "The Calvinists Are Here." You were gracious and conciliatory in your response.
Ethnic leaders affirm value of Southern Baptist diversity

Southern Baptists of all ethnicities must join together to reach an ever-diversifying nation and the world for Christ, leaders from three ethnic advisory councils said during a panel discussion in Houston.
Unofficial Houston total: 5,103 messengers
The 2013 Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting June 11-12 drew 5,103 messengers to Houston from the nation's 45,000 Southern Baptist churches. The unofficial total is a 35 percent drop from last year's meeting in New Orleans, which drew 7,868.
Be 'Totally His,' Elliff urges Baptists
International Mission Board President Tom Elliff challenged Southern Baptists to commit to being "Totally His" and cooperate for the sake of the Gospel during the mission board's report at the Southern Baptist Convention's annual meeting in Houston.
Johnson Ferry to withdraw from Scouts

Southern Baptists expressed their "opposition to and disappointment in" the membership policy of the Boy Scouts of America but affirmed the freedom of local churches to determine their own relationships with the national Scouting organization.
WMU celebrates 125 years of missions

Missions stories from Africa, Asia, and the Americas highlighted the 125th anniversary celebration of the national Woman's Missionary Union during their 2013 Missions Celebration and Annual Meeting, June 9-10 at the Hilton Americas in Houston.
Ezell: 'We have raised the bar ...'

North American Mission Board President Kevin Ezell, during his report to the SBC annual meeting, called on Southern Baptists to dramatically increase the number of missionaries and church planters being sent to the North American mission field.
Fountain, McCoy named to Committee on Nominations

Dianne Fountain, a member of Cedar Creek Baptist Church in Mulberry Association, and Fred McCoy, pastor of Houston Lake Baptist Church in Perry, are among the 70 Southern Baptists from 35 state Baptist conventions named to serve on the 2013-14 SBC Committee on Nominations.

WRAP-UP: SBC re-elects Luter, hears calls for unity, revival

Messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention June 11-12 re-elected Fred Luter, the body's first African American president, to another one-year term and heard him deliver a rousing challenge to Southern Baptists to unite and pray for revival.
Resolutions cover BSA policy, children, victims

Messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention dealt, as expected, with the hot-button issue of the Boy Scouts' new membership policy, but also passed a series of resolutions expressing compassion for the victimized and vulnerable.
Pre-Revolution rebel

He preached in a time when only a few had the governmental right to do so. Go against that mandate and practically ensure a trip to jail. When he spoke, though - no matter the location – people had a tendency to get saved and baptized.
Mental health issues garner SBC attention

During a year when mass shootings and suicides have stunned the nation, a resolution on "Mental Health Concerns and the Heart of God" was overwhelmingly approved by messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention’s June 11-12 annual meeting in Houston.
2013 SBC Annual Meeting Houston WRAP UP
Additional coverage of the SBC annual meeting in Houston.
LifeWay's trustees approve Glorieta sale to Christian camp ministry

Trustees of LifeWay Christian Resources have approved the sale of the Glorieta Conference Center to a group dedicated to continue using the property as a Christian camp and conference center. The new nonprofit corporation, called Glorieta 2.0, was formed and funded by a group of Christian businessmen and camping professionals.
Braves' wives donate to Oklahoma tornado victims

USA Today reported, "Oklahoma may be 'OK' according to the state's license plates, but for tornadoes, it's more than OK – it's the world champ."

People and Places

Ministerial Moves
International and stateside Bible study leader Frazier honored

Cooperative Program Stories

Baptist Collegiate Ministries provide family, community

When students enroll at a Georgia college or university, they may be looking for more than an education. Many are looking for a family.

Bible Study

God Establishes a Kingdom

2 Samuel 7:1-29
Bible Studies for Life, July 7
God Disciplines His People

2 Kings 17:1-20
Bible Studies for Life, July 14


The future of The Christian Index

When I became editor of The Christian Index ten years ago I was told by many, well, maybe a dozen, of my pastor friends that The Christian Index would experience a great influx of new subscribers – subscribers who had long hoped for a state Baptist paper with a conservative bent.
Personal observations about the 2013 Southern Baptist Convention

Southern Baptists gathered in Houston, TX this month for our annual convention meeting. Often marked by controversial issues that produced differing opinions, previous annual meetings regularly morphed into an annual showdown, with messengers already having made up their minds about a subject weeks before their arrival.
"Since you asked ..."

How can you say that God brings good out of evil, that "all things work for good to those that love God"?
The Open Door

The recent decision of the Boy Scouts of America has cast a new emphasis upon Royal Ambassadors. Royal Ambassadors, or RAs as it is commonly referred to, falls under Men's Ministries in the Georgia Baptist Convention. Rev. Glen McCall leads Men's Ministries, which focuses efforts on involving men in missions and ministries and leading young men to understand our call as believers to be on mission for Christ.