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Issue Date: 2013-07-11
Volume: 192
Number: 14


Post-Christian or pre-Christian?

Anyone who has known George Barnett, part-time state missionary for the Georgia Baptist Convention, knows that he is an optimist, not a pessimist, and always sees the glass as half full, not half empty. For that reason he believes we are living in a pre-Christian era and not a post-Christian era as most culture warriors contend.
Twitter carries Baptist leaders' and pastors' dismay with gay marriage ruling

Georgia Baptist ministers joined other Baptist leaders via social media, particularly Twitter, to express their reactions in the hours that followed the landmark Supreme Court decisions on gay marriage June 26.
Churches looking to minister within their communities
First Thomson, Mountain Park First among others statewide

With summer comes vacation days and a much-reduced schedule at many Georgia Baptist churches. But that doesn't mean missions is put on hold; for many, it means a turbo-charged effort involving members across the age spectrum.
New York City Association commits to self-funding

In a move of commitment and partnership, the Metropolitan New York Baptist Association ( voted to transition to full funding for its executive director. The move, approved at the association's mid-year meeting, will take effect in 2014.
Ministry to homosexuals closes

Exodus International, a decades-old ministry of helping people overcome homosexual behavior, announced it is closing down the same day its president, Alan Chambers, issued a public apology to people who have been hurt by the organization.
A ministry model for others
Richard King believes some of the best missions opportunities can be found in the pages of the local newspaper. One story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution brought together his church and a financially-challenged school district more than 200 miles away.
Obama, gay marriage advocates push for more

President Obama needed only a day after a landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling for same-sex marriage to call for its recognition by all states.
Appreciation for The Index

How serendipitous it was for my wife and me a few years ago when, walking down a street in Washington, D.C., we encountered a plaque attesting to the founding on that spot in 1822 of America's oldest existing religious newspaper. At the time the name was The Columbian Star, but, upon its purchase and move to Georgia in 1833, it was changed to The Christian Index.
Tykes and Tunes
Johnson Ferry staffer develops curriculum

Teeny Tykes and Tunes, a faith-based music curriculum for infants and toddlers, originated in the heart of Pamela Vandewalker, the minister of worship programming and creativity for Johnson Ferry Baptist Church in Marietta.

People and Places

Casting for 50 years, Fisher honored for ministry efforts
Pleasant Grove in Ellijay burns note at 155th anniversary
Ministerial Moves
Special events

Cooperative Program Stories

WMU encourages, equips churches

When Southern Baptists take account of their worldwide mission involvement, the numbers are staggering.

Bible Study

God Promises The Messiah

Isaiah 53:2-12
Bible Studies for Life, July 28
God Restores His People

Ezra 1:1-5; Neh. 8:1-6; Jer. 29:1-14
Bible Studies for Life, July 21


When sin has a face

On June 26 The United States Supreme Court announced its ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and Proposition 8. The high court decided to overturn provisions in DOMA signed in 1996 by President Bill Clinton protecting traditional marriage between one man and one woman as husband and wife. The decision not only allows, but encourages same-sex marriage in our country.
"Since you asked ..."

What does the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage mean for the Church?
The Open Door

Summer evenings reveal a phenomenon of nature that I have appreciated since I was a child. When I was a boy, our family would travel to Lexington, Kentucky every summer to spend a week or two with my mother's parents.
The Navy connects the pornographic dots

Just recently, the Secretary of the Navy issued an order calling for the immediate removal of all offensive and degrading materials from workspaces and Navy exchanges - including the sale and rental of pornography.