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Issue Date: 2013-08-22
Volume: 192
Number: 17


Support for backpacks

We are about to launch 'The Backpacks for Appalachia' appeal at 5th Avenue here in Rome.
GBC to sponsor free conference for pastors on Oct. 17
Georgia Baptist pastors are invited to attend a one-day conference, all expenses paid, which will focus on reaching the lost and increasing baptisms.
Churches add Index as member benefit
Lottie Moon offering deserves support

In reading in the July 25 issue of The Christian Index that the 2012 Lottie Moon offering was the third largest in its 124-year history, joy filled my heart.
Witnessing, sharing, in Christ's name
Blackshear youth minister in California

It only took one stroll through the exhibit hall of a Georgia Baptist Convention annual meeting to bring two pastors together in an relationship that strengthened both of their ministries.
Join hands, link hearts for Appalachia

Nestled in the sweeping beauty of the Smoky Mountains is an ugly secret. As tourists wind their way up and down the highways of Appalachia, gazing across colorful meadows and misty mountain tops, they rarely see the dark and ugly secret of Appalachia, which is the breathtaking poverty among children who live there.
Like a kid in a candy store

His mother must have intuitively known he was going to be a powerful preacher/prophet. Perhaps that is why she named him Elijah.
Hills Park reverses spiral, has first baptism in eight years

For the baptistry at Hills Park Baptist Church, every day was Christmas - for the past eight years.
Book explores Ron Dunn’s life and mission

Ron Dunn was a faithful follower of Christ, an effective pastor, a powerful and persuasive preacher of God's Word, an affable personality with a keen sense of humor, and yet, somewhat of a modern day Job whose faith in God was radiant even in the midst of tragedy.
The paradigm shift

At the Southern Baptist Convention Send North America luncheon in Houston in June, North American Mission Board President Kevin Ezell said, "It is our strategy to penetrate lostness in North America and our goal is to see 15,000 churches planted in the next 10 years."
2013 Student Achievement Award Winners
This fall, 23 outstanding college freshmen will receive scholarships through the Georgia Baptist Student Achievement Award program. These young men and women were chosen from among 62 nominees and 31 applicants as a result of their scholastic achievement and outstanding involvement in both their churches and communities. The scholarships, amounting to $4,000 each and paid over four years, are funded through the Cooperative Program and provided jointly by Georgia Baptist colleges and the Georgia Baptist Convention.
End prohibition on church political speech, senator's commission recommends

Preachers should be free from IRS scrutiny even when speaking about political candidates, a 14-member commission has recommended in a report released Aug. 14.

People and Places

Sakninis honored for ministry with Arabic congregations
Ministerial Moves
Group from Salem Baptist, Lexington minister in Colorado

Cooperative Program Stories

Salem Baptist Church: Focusing on others through CP and missions

When many churches struggle to keep the doors open, Salem Baptist Church has found a simple formula for remaining vibrant as a church and relevant to its community – focus on others.

Bible Study

The Pressure of Trials

James 1:1-4
Bible Studies for Life, Sept. 1
The Pressure of Temptation

James 1:13-18
Bible Studies for Life, Sept. 8


"Since you asked ..."

How can Christians be so arrogant and ignorant to say that their faith is the one true religion?
The Open Door

A person living in Georgia today who is without Christ and eternally lost is just as lost as a lost person in China, India, Africa, or any other place on the planet. We all believe in getting the Gospel to the nations, but I am wondering what it is about our nation, our state, our street, our office, our school that makes us think that these lost people in Georgia are not as hopelessly lost as any lost person in the world.
A new kind of Calvinism

The report of the Calvinism Advisory Team appointed by Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee President Frank Page was released over three months ago. Page assembled the group for the purpose of urging Southern Baptists to "grant one another liberty" and "stand together" for the Great Commission.