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Issue Date: 2013-09-05
Volume: 192
Number: 18


The buzz of Vidalia

"I haven't seen anything like it in my 30 years of ministry."
Mission Georgia: Church Revitalization
In February 2012 when Ebenezer Baptist Church called Sam Davis to be their pastor, the naysayers started yapping.
Fighting to the end
Georgia churches among others battling modern-day slavery

Several months ago, Pastor Michael Stovall of Ewing Road Baptist Church in Austell sat down with a group college students. He wanted to know what they were passionate about; what stirred their hearts.
Tony Dickerson and Pinehurst: together for 40 years

Tony Dickerson has served as pastor of Pinehurst Baptist Church in Columbus since Aug. 1, 1973. Dickerson is known for his powerful, expository preaching and his leadership not only in the local church, but in the whole of Baptist life. Throughout his ministry he has served in many capacities including president of the Georgia Baptist Convention in 2003-2005.
Single-father households on the rise
Eight percent of American households are now headed by single-parent fathers, who tend to be less educated and financially stable than married fathers.
Mission Georgia: Church Planting
When the Indian government deposited Tek Dharnal’s family on the banks of the Kankai River in eastern Nepal, Georgia wasn’t on his mind. Nor was church planting. The Dharnal family just wanted to survive.
Oxford Baptist helps students get a step on college life
Members of Oxford Baptist Church were invited to assist incoming freshmen and sophomores at Oxford College of Emory University move in prior to the fall 2013 semester.
Mission Georgia: Authentic Evangelism
Every person is a story in process with a beginning, middle, and end. There are peaks and valleys; challenges, defeats, and victories.
Mission Georgia: 7,100,000

It's no secret that the shine of the buckle of the Bible Belt has lost its luster in recent decades. When most Baby Boomers were growing up in the 1950s many people attended church on Sunday, Blue Laws shuttered many businesses except essential services, and Sunday School and Church Training – along with both morning and evening worship services – reined supreme in most Georgia communities.
Resolutions Guidelines for 2013 Georgia Baptist Convention
The 2013 annual meeting of the Georgia Baptist Convention will be held at Hebron Baptist Church in Dacula on November 11-12.
Good times there are not forgotten
GBC retirees and spouses gathered at the Baptist Missions and Ministry Center on Aug. 14 for a luncheon, group photo, and annual sharing of memories of days gone by.
Mission Georgia: Casting the vision for a redeemed Georgia
The following facts cast some light on the challenge facing Georgia Baptists to reach the state by 2020.
Mission Georgia: Spiritual Renewal
The undergirding of prayer, coupled with biblical teaching and preaching, has laid a foundation for spiritual renewal and greater missions involvement at Olive Branch Baptist Church, about 30 miles west of Savannah.
Mission Georgia: What materials are available?
For Georgia Baptist churches to catch the vision for reducing lostness in their state, they must first see the need. Highly informational materials - a DVD, prayer guide/bulletin insert, offering envelopes, and posters - have been prepared to assist churches in sharing in this mission.
Mission Georgia: Kingdom Generosity
When Pastor Randy Carson moved from Southern California to First Baptist Church more than 15 years ago, the red brick, county seat church had been predominant in the region where agriculture was king. The church membership was majority senior adult, but that began to change.
Southwestern Seminary still goes door-to-door

While Southern Baptist statistics seem to be showing a general decline, nothing is more troubling than our baptismal records.
Mission Georgia: Locations, Statistics, and Information

Each church is its own missions-sending agency, equipping laity for reaching the lost in their own circle of influence. But that ministry is multiplied when churches join hands throughout the state by supporting the state missions offering.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves
Winterville Baptist baptizes, tailgates
Mabel White retires note for building

Cooperative Program Stories

Prayer ministry brings spiritual renewal to rural church

Wedged between the Fort Stewart Army base and Interstate 16 in Bryan County is a patch of land called Ellabell. About 30 miles west of Savannah, Ellabell is off the beaten track, which makes it a good candidate for a proposed private 268-acre waste landfill.

Bible Study

The Pressure of Words

James 3:1-18
Bible Studies for Life, Sept. 22
The Pressure of Partiality

James 2:1-13
Bible Studies for Life, Sept. 15


"Since you asked ..."

How can we know there is life after death?
Who Do You Trust?

"Who Do You Trust?" was an American game show that aired on television from 1957 to 1963. TV legend Johnny Carson was the host of the show.
The Open Door

My pastor, Dr. Frank Cox, preached among a great assemblage of Backpacks for Appalachia on Aug 25. Our church responded in a great way to the request to fill backpacks for the children of Appalachia. I trust that your church is doing the same as Georgia Baptists respond to a huge need by reaching toward our goal of 20,000 backpacks for the children in one of the most poverty-stricken locations in our nation.
Cohabitation in the church

Many of us would like to think that the church is immune to the growing trend of cohabitation prior to, or instead of, marriage. Unfortunately, this cultural trend has crept into the pews as fewer church members recognize cohabitation as a violation of biblical sexual ethics.