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Issue Date: 2013-10-17
Volume: 192
Number: 21


Flame's hip hop aims toward inner city

If it seems odd for a hip hop artist to do seminary coursework, the idea was even more foreign to veteran rapper Flame.
The GBC president's greatest asset

Georgia Baptist Convention President John Waters describes his wife, Cynthia, as encouraging, genuine, and generous. He could hardly say otherwise, because she has been his companion for almost 30 years and a great complement to his ministry and to his GBC presidency.
Being Social
Evangelism is not on NAMB back burner

Perhaps you have heard the maxim that a huge cruise ship takes a long time to turn around, but a small boat can turn around on a dime.
The value of contemporary Christian Music

It appears that more churches are incorporating contemporary Christian music in their worship experiences. While worship is still a major ingredient of the contemporary Christian culture, there are those who claim that contemporary Christian music really reflects and engenders a hunger for God's presence in worship.
Dorothy Patterson chief negotiator in historic acquisition

You will not find fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls for sale at Walmart or even Neiman Marcus for that matter. You can't buy any portion of the "Scrolls" from QVC or HSN. It is also preposterous to think that anyone has Dead Sea Scrolls for sale on eBay.
West Georgia churches continue 10-year mission to Navajo Nation

Members of Polk-Haralson Association who have been part of a ten-year missions partnership among the Navajo Nation describe it as another country that just so happens to be in the United States.
First Swainsboro ladies turn grocery sacks into mats for homeless
Plastic grocery sacks are the indoor version of kudzu. After every re-stocking of the fridge and pantry they remain on the counter for a time before being thrown in the trash or added to the already-too-large mound of bags.
2013 Georgia Baptist Convention Program
192nd Annual Meeting: Hebron Baptist Church, Dacula

People and Places

Revival reports
Ministerial Moves
Couple honored for more than 30 years of service

Cooperative Program Stories

Backpacks for Appalachia to deliver more than Christmas to hurting families

Last December in Hines, W.VA., Allegheny Baptist Associational Missionary Dennis Cherry witnessed a miracle of faith in the form of a backpack.

Bible Study

Stand Down

Genesis 13:1-18
Bible Studies for Life, Oct. 27
Stand Your Ground

Galatians 2:1-14
Bible Studies for Life, Nov. 3


Open Letter to President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. Obama:
I am a patriotic American. I love our country and have a deep appreciation for our heritage. I am grateful for those who have fought and sacrificed to maintain our freedom. I believe our forefathers built a solid foundation for our republic. I am confident that our Constitution is based on Biblical principles.
Lessons from the work bench

As a young man, I worked in a small, family-owned meat market. Our primary business was to cut and wrap meat from livestock local farmers raised, slaughtered and brought to us. We would start early in the morning, take a quarter of beef or half a hog from the cooler, and within a matter of an hour or so, we would have it cut, wrapped, and boxed for the owner to take home.
The Open Door

At our convention annual meeting at the Hebron Baptist Church in Dacula, Georgia, we will be collecting 20,000 backpacks for the children of Appalachia. I thought you might be interested in knowing more about our work in Appalachia from a recent report I received from Bill Barker who serves as the National Director for Appalachian Regional Ministries. Georgia Baptists have been in partnership with Bill, serving alongside him and under his leadership among the people in Appalachia since Appalachian Regional Ministries first began.
"Since you asked ..."

Is everything that happens God's will?