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Issue Date: 2013-11-14
Volume: 192
Number: 23


Association meetings report upcoming
A comprehensive report of the annual meetings from Georgia Baptist associations are slated to appear in the Dec. 26 issue of The Christian Index. Reports may be sent through the following avenues:
Our journey to the Bedia

He was so small, so quiet, and so humble. He didn't even come up to my shoulder. And yet to me, Sahaji* was larger than life.
Georgia Acteens pray through barriers in Vietnam

The bell rang, echoing throughout the temple grounds. It signaled for those nearby to come and pray. One by one, people from this Vietnamese neighborhood silently filed in and bowed to the statue of Buddha with neon, fluorescent lights flashing around its head.
Top GBC churches in baptisms for 2012
An open letter from Pastor Johnny Hunt
My heart has been moved as I have heard from Dr. Tom Elliff and others concerning the Lottie Moon Christmas offering. We have had a goal of 175 million dollars for several years only to see how we have fallen short of that goal each year. We have been noted as a people on mission for God. It is my prayer that we would step up to the plate this year and empower our International Mission Board to do what God has called them to do; send the called and equipped to the nations. Would you consider your Lottie Moon Christmas gift as your gift to the Lord Jesus Christ as we celebrate as Christian people the date of his birth?
TMC joins Guidestone's fight against Obamacare's mandate

According to President Emir Caner, Truett-McConnell College has joined GuideStone Financial Resources and Oklahoma-based Reaching Souls International in a class action suit against the Obama Administration's Affordable Health Care Act.
Giving hope

For more than a year they planned. People went out and did random acts of kindness. They shared their testimony with some 7,500 members of their community. They posted on social media about the event coming up at Hopewell Baptist Church and got more than 15,000 personal responses online from others in doing so.
Pulling out all the stops

The idiom "pulling out all the stops" is derived from the manner of construction of pipe organs. These instruments have stops to control the airflow through the pipes and pulling them out increases the musical volume. When you pull out all the stops you do everything you can to make something successful.
Workplace religious rights set forth in ADF legal analysis
As the diversity of religious expression in the United States has grown, the number of complaints of religious discrimination in the workplace has grown as well.

Obstacles present options. The path chosen develops the story that is told.
Prince Avenue celebrates Ricketts' 40 years

On Sunday, Oct. 27 Prince Avenue Baptist Church in the Athens area celebrated the 40th anniversary of Bill Ricketts' ministry at the church with a special service of recognition and appreciation.
Georgia Baptist Foundation provides estate planning assistance
Confirms LifeWay Research study

A little secret known by many churches since the founding of the nation could bring considerable financial security to struggling churches today.
Falling Creek celebrates 225 years, commitment to missions

No one can say that Falling Creek Baptist Church is not hard nosed about sharing the Gospel. Since its founding in 1788, its members have stood by the Gospel and proclaimed it through a strong history of supporting missions locally and through the Cooperative Program.

People and Places

Evangelist Bill Sturm honored at retirement sendoff
Billy Sunday's desk given to Historical Commission
Jodeco Baptist gathers 25 backpacks for Appalachia
Fayetteville First Baptist has Serve Y'all Day
First Woodstock ordains new deacons
Zion Hope collects for Operation Christmas Child

Cooperative Program Stories

Churches practice Kingdom generosity

One of the first biblical principles children learn in Sunday school is often one of the most difficult for adults to practice.

Bible Study

Thank You, Lord

Psalm 100
Bible Studies for Life, Nov. 24
The Problem You Can't Solve

Rom. 1:16-17, 2:5-11, 3:9-12
Bible Studies for Life, Dec. 1


Check your blind spot

We know how important it is to check the blind spot when driving. It is one of the most important lessons we learn in driver's education class. Failing to check the blind spot could easily result in an accident.
The Open Door

Georgia Baptists, I love you dearly. I love your heart and your responsiveness to the needs of others. I love your desire to have an impact for Jesus Christ. I love your zeal for evangelism and ministry.
"Since you asked ..."
Don't all religions basically teach the same thing?
Pro choice = killing babies

I know I am a crusader, a flag waver, a voice crying in the wilderness, but we've got to do something about the swelling tide of pornography, the assault on traditional marriage, and the killing of babies; and if we don't stop trying to redefine what "truth" is we are going to have to face God's certain judgment.