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Issue Date: 2013-11-28
Volume: 192
Number: 24


BCM hosts gathering for 300 internationals

On a brisk October afternoon, three Chinese students toasted a banana in a fire while Jonathan Leader from England chatted up friends from Scotland and Wales.
Executive Committee
Sarah: regatta sailor and remarkable speaker

Sarah North, 18, gave her Speaker's Tournament message at the Georgia Baptist Convention annual session last month at Hebron Baptist Church and mesmerized her audience with her captivating presentation. In fact, the daughters of Larry and Karen North of Valdosta have cornered the market on the state speaker's tournament in the last couple of years.
20,906 backpacks collected

As Georgia Baptists gathered for the annual meeting of the state Convention they brought a veritable mountain of backpacks.
When Saturday competes with Sunday

The emotions in the house had run a crazy course. Disappointment. Disgust. Hope. More hope. Elation.
2013 Committee on Resolutions Report
The following resolutions were approved by messengers to the 192nd annual session of the Gerogia Baptist Convention, meeting Nov. 11-12 at Hebron Baptist Church in Dacula.
Student finds connection to God

Abraham Rios, 29, has a full day ahead of him. He has a discipleship meeting, an English conversation club, and a Bible study to plan. He also agreed to lead a salsa dancing class for a friend. In between these events, he is studying for a final exam to receive an advanced biology degree.
2013 Report of the Committee on Nominations
Ray Newman Lecture Series established at TMC

Chapel services at Truett-McConnell College are always special, but the chapel on Nov. 14 was particularly memorable and significant.
Trustees of the Agencies and Institutions

People and Places

Hymnals dedicated at First Newnan
Revival report
Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Journeying into south Georgia church planting

For about 15 years, Jimmy Baughcum wanted to start a new church in metro Atlanta. During his ministries at InJoy Stewardship Services and Eagle's Landing First Baptist Church in McDonough, he studied church planting.

Bible Study

The Gift You Can't Give Yourself

Rom. 3:21-28
Bible Studies for Life, Dec. 8
A Love You Can Experience

Rom. 5:6-11, 18-21
Bible Studies for Life, Dec. 15


Don't forget to express your gratitude

Have you ever met a leper? I have. His name was Johnny Cline. I met him when I was pastor of Flint Groves Baptist Church in Gastonia, NC years ago. Johnny was 14 years old when I first met him. He probably weighed 55 pounds, maybe less.
The Open Door

Thanksgiving is the season for giving thanks, but why? Times are hard. The economy is challenging. The country is politically divided. War continues and our troops are in harm's way. Civil unrest and violence plague our city streets and neighborhoods. Is there anything in us that wants to give thanks?
Creating a culture

To create a culture in your church, business, or nonprofit organization, you must be clear about two things: your vision and mission.
"Since you asked ..."

What are the three essentials necessary to be an effective ambassador of Christ? (Part 1 of 3)