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Watermelons for Darfur


The Darfur people in Sudan are one of the many groups suffering from famine and war. An estimated 200,000 to 400,000 have died in the past two years.

In the spring I dedicated my half-acre watermelon patch to help call attention to this tragedy. My little faith allowed me to give $500 before harvest to help alleviate this suffering. This was done before the watermelons had started to run, and the field was still dry and dusty.

The Lord blessed this field, three miles from home, with rains. On the other hand my garden, behind our house, had to be kept alive by watering several times each week. In August and September I sold more than $500 worth of watermelons with more than that amount given away. A harvest of more than 350 melons isn’t bad!

The money is only a mite but if it causes us to pray and perhaps influence the sending of peacekeeping forces … the mite could become mighty. This week Southern Baptists are emphasizing the annual World Hunger offering as we give to not only feed the stomach but take the Bread of Life to those who do not know Him. Our love for Nigeria does not stop at the border but includes all of Africa and all of the world.


Editor’s Note: Connie M. Bowers and wife, Martha, are retired Southern Baptist missionaries from Nigeria. He has a degree in agriculture from the University of Georgia – providing, he says, the “how and the why to grow watermelons.” Since childhood the couple have been members of Cross Roads Baptist Church in Hart County.