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Issue Date: 2004-10-21
Volume: 183
Number: 22


IMAGINE a world in which...
Welsh Revival Analysis

Next week, Christians from around the world will converge in Cardiff, Wales, to observe the centennial of a revival movement that still defies explanation today.
Eiddwen Price - Loughor, Wales
Her grandparents were in their 30's during the revival. Her grandmother gave her the gold cross that she still wears around her neck.
Georgia churches expanding location space, ministries

Summary Article
Margaret Edwards - Loughor, Wales
Her mother was 8 years old when her mother (Edwards' grandmother) took her to the meetings where the revival first began.
Visibility helping to Pointe way to the Cross

While pastor of the dynamic First Baptist Church of Snellville, James Merritt, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, began to have a vision to reach the northern part of metro Atlanta by expanding the church and creating a second campus.
What really happened in Wales in 1904 ... and what relevance does it have for Georgia in 2004?
Praying for a rising tide of evangelism and spiritual renewal

One hundred years ago in the country of Wales, nearly 150,000 people came to Christ in a matter of months in one of Christianity's most remarkable spiritual awakenings. It was an historic event that shook the nation of 500,000 to its foundations and returned the country to its spiritual roots.
New facility provides new ministry opportunities for FBC Woodstock

First Baptist Church of Woodstock traces its origins back to 1837 when the fledgling fellowship was known as Enon Church. For 150 years the church had a positive influence on Cherokee County, but never had a congregation of much more than 250. However, in the 1980s the county began to experience explosive growth and in the midst of that infusion of people the church called Johnny Hunt, a fiery preacher from North Carolina, to be their pastor.
Prayer a towering influence at FBC Winder's new location

First Baptist Church of Winder was born in 1893 with 21 members. At the time the membership comprised ten percent of the town's population. The first facility was a white frame building located at the corner of East Candler Street and Park Avenue.
Revival: The Time is Now

The 183rd session of the Georgia Baptist Convention will convene on November 15 and 16 at the Georgia International Convention Center of College Park, located at 2000 Convention Center Concourse. The facility is easily accessible from I-85 by using exit 72, Camp Creek Parkway. The Convention Center is located immediately west of the interstate.
Those who experienced the 1904 Revival... adults died about 40 years ago and their children died as recently as five years ago. But the memory of those early years of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit has been passed down to the current generation of grandchildren who are now in their early 80s. The following interviews provide a glimpse into Wales at the turn of the last century as descendents of those early converts share what they were told by their parents and grandparents.
Ten Commandments Georgia stepping up efforts in funding

The battle over the display of the Ten Commandments has been a costly one, concedes Jody Hice.
Oswald Penry - Brigend, Wales
Three of his uncles and two of his aunts were converted during the revival.
Supreme Court to hear case on public displays of Ten Commandments

The U.S. Supreme Court will take on the controversial issue of the public display of the Ten Commandments nearly a quarter of a century after it last ventured into that arena.

Georgia Newsbriefs

Convention meetings set for November

Baptist News Summary

Thomas tapped as seminary chaplain, special assistant to president
Claude Thomas, pastor of First Baptist Church in Euless, Texas, announced Sept. 26 he will step down from his pulpit to join the staff of Southwestern Seminary as seminary chaplain and special assistant to President Paige Patterson.
Political platform resource ready to help voters compare
Becoming informed on spending habits of the federal government or public policy issues of elected officials could be elusive for voters before casting a ballot Nov. 2.
Sole membership motions fall short of request, but show intent
Trustees of New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary approved two motions concerning sole membership during their Oct. 13 meeting. The actions fall short of the request made by Southern Baptist Convention messengers in June 2004 that the seminary adopt sole membership at their "October, 2004, meeting" by amending the seminary's charter. But the language indicates that sole membership will be adopted and that seminary President Chuck Kelley will restate polity and legal concerns to messengers attending the 2005 annual meeting in Nashville, Tenn.
SBC relief effort prepares near-record 2.1 million meals
Since mid-August, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers have prepared more than 2.1 million meals in the wake of four hurricanes that have battered Florida and neighboring states along the Gulf Coast and Atlantic Seaboard.
Billy Graham announces 2005 crusade in New York City
Billy Graham has accepted an invitation to lead a New York City crusade at Madison Square Garden in June 2005, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association announced Sept. 30.
Hankins named as executive VP, Merrell senior adviser to EC
Several top-level staff changes within the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee were announced by President Morris H. Chapman during the committee's Sept. 22 sessions in Nashville, Tenn.

Religious Newsbriefs

Turkey backs away from outlawing adultery
Turkey's prime minister announced Sept. 23 that he would drop a provision criminalizing adultery from a proposed penal reform bill, clearing the way for Turkey's bid for European Union membership, Turkish media reported.
British Muslims criticize decision on singer
British Muslims say they are bewildered by U.S. authorities' decision to refuse entry to the former singer Cat Stevens, a British citizen who became a Muslim in 1977 and is now known as Yusuf Islam.
First Wicca wedding recognized in Scotland
Scotland's first officially recognized pagan wedding, using Wicca rites, has taken place in an underground vault in Edinburgh's Old Town.
Swaggart apologizes for anti-gay comment
In the face of public backlash and concerns that have reached Canadian broadcasters, Baton Rouge, La. televangelist Jimmy Swaggart said he regrets telling his congregation at a recent televised worship service that if a gay man ever looks at him romantically, "I'm going to kill him and tell God he died."

People and Places


Cooperative Program Stories

59 minutes of evangelism training leading to lifelong changes

While churches across the country are finding success in intensive evangelism training, it is possible to train and motivate church members to share their faith in as little as an hour.

Ministerial Moves

Ministerial Moves

Bible Study

God is Awesome

Desiring Deliverance


Baptists battle the booze brokers

Some preachers, like a lot of politicians, lick their index finger and hold it up to see which way the wind is blowing. They accommodate their message to suit the moral climate of their congregation. Preachers, and Christians generally, are not to be like thermometers registering the temperature of the times, but like thermostats regulating the temperature of the times.
Ominous diagnosis remains true

In 1973, Karl Menninger penned a book titled, Whatever Became of Sin? Within its pages the eminent psychiatrist lamented the fact that American society seemed to be in the process of rejecting the concept of a divine standard of right and wrong.
The Open Door

I have read a number of interesting articles recently regarding the need to involve more young leadership in the life of the Southern Baptist Convention. Dr. Jimmy Draper wrote a couple of articles using the analogy of the frog in the kettle to discuss the long-term future of Southern Baptist ministry. These articles received an amazing response from readers across the country. I believe Dr. Draper was right to caution all of us about failing to dream great dreams for the future and to accept new talented leadership.
First Person: Why we must back the marriage ammendment


Disagrees with tone of Baptist Press article

I am dismayed that you would violate journalistic ethics by running the item on the retirement of (Memphis, Tenn. pastor) Adrian Rogers in your Sept. 23 issue wherein an editorial opinion is contained in a news item.
An open letter to Bo Turner regarding the 10 Commandments issue

Brother Turner, in regard to your Sept. 23 letter in The Christian Index about the removal of the Ten Commandments, I must say that I'm disappointed. I'm disappointed because a Baptist pastor (one of those who should be leading in this battle) opposes a fundamental principle in a peaceful society.