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Issue Date: 2013-12-12
Volume: 192
Number: 25


'Use what's in your hands'
Pastor's time as bivocational opens up ministry options

Gabriel Stovall describes it as an "edgy" time.
H. Ray Newman, Georgia Baptist statesman, dies
H. Ray Newman, 69, longtime Georgia Baptist pastor, state missionary, and statesman, passed away around 4 a.m. on Nov. 25 at his home.
Immigration reform garners pastor support

Nearly six in 10 senior pastors of Protestant churches support immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship, according to a new survey from LifeWay Research.
Brewton-Parker elects Ergun Caner as president

Educator and author Ergun Caner has been elected as the 16th president of Georgia Baptist-affiliated Brewton-Parker College.
Philippine typhoon sparks global Baptist relief effort

Less than 24 hours after Typhoon Haiyan roared through the Philippines, Southern Baptist missionaries and disaster relief specialists were delivering aid to dozens of towns and villages devastated by the super storm. Their efforts are just part of a larger, global response to Haiyan by the international Baptist community that is multiplying Southern Baptists' impact.
'Outcasts' find hope in U.S.

Hari Rasaili knows persecution.
'Light shines best in darkness,' says missionary overcoming cancer

After 17 years, the woman from Beaufort, SC can speak in a Scottish accent that even the locals mistake as their own. She used to stick out as "the American" who for some inexplicable reason chose to live in one of the city's poorest areas.
Two Open Letters to Georgia Baptists Concerning the Cooperative Program

People and Places

Ed Hurst honored for six decades of ministry
Revival results
Ministerial Moves

Bible Study


Matt.1:18-25; 2:19-23
Bible Studies for Life, Dec. 22
An Identity You Must Embrace

Romans 6:8-18
Bible Studies for Life, Dec. 29


Crossing the creek on a snowy day

A December snow was not uncommon in the foothills of North Carolina where I grew up as a boy. I remember waking up one morning just after the public schools had closed for the "Christmas" holiday season and what to my wondering eyes should appear than a beautiful layer of snow that had carpeted my world and big, fluffy white snowflakes.
Pastors & Christmas gifts

I received a query from a person recently who indicated his curiosity about how pastors are treated at Christmastime.
"Since you asked ..."

What are the three essentials necessary to be an effective ambassador?
The Open Door

Christmas for Georgia Baptists this year is very special. I remember as a boy spending the money I had saved up from cutting grass and from working as a bagboy at Winn Dixie to purchase gifts I had selected for my family. I could hardly wait till Christmas morning when I would see their joy in receiving such wonderful gifts.