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Issue Date: 2013-12-26
Volume: 192
Number: 26


New app developed for Bible Drillers

The digital age has come to Bible Drill.
Being Social
Pastors call 2nd prayer meeting for revival

Building from a prayer gathering of senior pastors this fall, a group of Southern Baptist pastors is inviting pastors, other ministers and ministry students to participate in a two-day prayer meeting in Atlanta Jan. 13-14.
Backpacks bringing hope to children of Appalachia

The quick trip to this bustling Appalachian town was meant to observe the distribution of nearly 400 backpacks to eagerly awaiting children. The nearly seven-hour drive through Cumberland Gap and into Kentucky, across the winding and twisting Kingdom Come Parkway and into Harlan, provided a scenic glimpse into this part of the country in the dead of winter.
Ergun Caner introduced to EC; Mobile Health Unit II dedicated
New president hailed as "Pied Piper for college students"

Brewton-Parker College's newly elected president, Ergun Caner, was introduced to the Executive Committee of the Georgia Baptist Convention at their December 10th meeting.

People and Places

Deceased member of First Hogansville inspires lights to shine for OCC
Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Church revitalized in town that loves good stories

Southwest Georgia's Miller County has gained a wide reputation for "Swamp Gravy," the state's official folk-life play. Named after the propensity of area fishermen to create soup from fried-fish drippings, vegetables, and who-knows-what-else, this rural county with declining population found new life more than 20 years ago.

Bible Study

A Fight You Can't Win By Yourself

Rom.7:14 8:2
Bible Studies for Life, Jan. 5
A Life You Can't Live On Your Own

Rom. 8:8-17; 26-27
Bible Studies for Life, Jan. 12


The Open Door

As 2013 draws to a close, I suppose that most of us will take the time to think about this year and all that has transpired through these twelve months. Some have experienced great joy, others great sorrow.
Time to get intolerant of tolerance

I recently read about a young 17-year-old girl. We'll call her "Jennifer." She stated, "I'm conservative, straight edge. I'm extremely awkward and prude, and the mere mention of pornography sends me in fits. I'm a vegetarian and I take success in school seriously and I respect and love my parents. I don't party and don't like to see people who aren't handicapped park in handicapped spaces."
"Since you asked ..."

What are the three essentials necessary to be an effective ambassador?
Morality in the public square

I've often heard that we should keep our views on various moral issues out of the public square.