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Issue Date: 2014-04-17
Volume: 193
Number: 8


Miracle in Ministry
GBCH&FM Recognizes VIPs of the Year
Our most valuable asset as a ministry is our people. Every day our staff work tirelessly to provide excellent care, guidance and hope to the children we serve. The ministries of Georgia Baptist Children's Homes are composed of many dedicated people who work each day to change the lives of children, youth, and families in need. We want to recognize those employees who reflect the core values of GBCH&FM and who go the extra mile. "We have the best of the best at The Children's Home," said Dr. James S. Harper, President and CEO of GBCH&FM. "This is why I feel it is so important to give recognition to those employees who go above and beyond their assigned duties."
Mission: I'm Possible

When I started at the Children's Home nearly 30 years ago, it was a different time. Children who just needed a home were sent to us. Sometimes it was because of a family situation that required a brief intervention. Other times it was because the state had removed them from their home because of abuse, abandonment or neglect. And while many came to us hurting, most still came to us with hope.
The Cost of Impossible

By what you get, you make a living; what you give, however, makes a life.
Remembering Beverly Sloan
Mrs. Beverly Janet McWhite Sloan of Newnan passed Sunday, January 26, 2014. Beverly faithfully served Georgia Baptist Children's Home for 25 years before retiring in 2008. She was the Administrator of IT and was responsible for maintaining the agency's computer systems including all phone service and programming. Beverly kept the Children's Home updated with the latest technology, so our residents could be better served. Her dedication to excellence was an inspiration to all who worked around her.
Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation Awards Grant to GBCH&FM
Georgia Baptist Children's Homes and Family Ministries was recently awarded a $100,000 grant from the Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation. This generous grant will support The Children's Home's on-going ministry to children with developmental disabilities. "This grant allows us to better serve children with developmental disabilities through a variety of programs," said Dr. James Harper, President and CEO of GBCH&FM. "This grant will actually touch all of our campuses across the state by maximizing resources."
Georgia Baptist Children's Homes Introduces New Trustees
Georgia Baptist Children's Homes and Family Ministries is pleased to announce the newest members to our Board of Trustees for the 2014-2018 term.
The Endless Possibilities of GBCH&FM Kids
At Georgia Baptist Children's Homes, We believe God can take an impossible situation and make an I'm Possible solution. Here are just a few stories of some pretty amazing kids who found endless possibilities through the love and encouragement of our staff and all of you who support this ministry.


The importance of the message
Georgia Baptist and Atlanta meteorologist Chris Holcomb on getting it right

The weight of his words are never lost on Chris Holcomb. "Whenever someone is watching a newscast there may be different reports they want to see, whether it's news or sports," he says, "but the weather is the one part that affects everyone's lives."
Golden Gate Seminary sells campus, initiates relocation

Golden Gate Seminary has reached a sale agreement for all its campus property in Mill Valley, CA and has initiated relocation of its primary campus to Southern California.
Baptist Children's Homes taking the 'im' out of 'impossible'

The Bible is full of situations that seem impossible. God had given to Abraham a promise that he would be the father of a great nation, but Sarah was barren and could not conceive a child. She was beyond the age of childbearing. Yet God worked the impossible and she conceived and gave birth to Isaac, the child of promise.
Book review: The Coffee Shop That Changed a Church

Mitch Walker, the 29-year-old pastor of Stanton Community Church, walked into the Stanton Package and Spirits Store to meet Justin Gravely, the owner. His purpose was to invite Mr. Gravely to church. Gravely had moved to Stanton from Canada a decade earlier to be close to his grandchildren and spoke adoringly of them.
The gift that kept, and keeps, giving

Members of the Georgia Baptist Executive Committee would have understandably thought it a misprint.
Georgia Baptist named to SBC Resolutions Committee
Ramon Osorio, national church mobilizer with the North American Mission Board and a member of First Redeemer Church in Cumming, has been named by SBC President Fred Luter to serve on the Committee on Resolutions at the upcoming SBC annual meeting.
Media attention puts spotlight on guns, Jesus

An evangelism strategy that involves giving away guns to attract unchurched men to wild game dinners has drawn criticism from gun control advocates in an array of national media outlets, including TIME, USA Today, MSNBC, Fox News, and the Huffington Post.
Georgia Baptist Convention Report of Receipts

At the end of the calendar year 2013, there were 3600 Georgia Baptist Convention churches. GBC records show that 744 churches reported no contributions. In calendar year 2012 for the same period, there were 3,576 churches with 725 reporting no contributions.

People and Places

Men of Praise tour south Georgia
Revival reports
Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

GBC builds bridges to Korean Baptist churches

When immigrants come to Georgia, they have much to learn. Vidalia onions, sweet tea, and a propensity to name streets after peach trees represent just a few of the cultural hurdles new Americans often face. If those immigrants land in an ethnic Southern Baptist church, there's one more challenge learning about the Cooperative Program (CP).

Bible Study

Hope Found

Matthew 8:1-13
Bible Studies for Life, April 27
Hope Personified

Luke 15:11-32
Bible Studies for Life, May 4


Sarah Huckabee's question

I recently had the privilege of meeting Governor Mike Huckabee at the Bailey Smith Real Evangelism Conference in Corinth, MS.
When 'hello' is not enough

Your God is awesome. Your church is wonderful. Yet some of the guests who visit your church don't return. No true connection was made.
"Since you asked ..."

How do we answer a caustic cultist?
The Open Door

On a recent trip to Israel, I had the joy of preaching Sunday morning at the Jerusalem Baptist Church. I was so grateful for the opportunity that was extended to me to preach the Gospel in the heart of Jerusalem.