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Issue Date: 2014-07-10
Volume: 193
Number: 14


The Senior Adult Ministries Day Offering

Shortly after the creation of Baptist Village by the Georgia Baptist Convention it was felt that Georgia Baptist Churches and individuals should be given an opportunity to make a special offering annually for the support of the ministry. Thus, the Senior Adult Ministries Day Offering was created allowing those moved by the Spirit of God to "go the extra mile" and enhance the ministry to senior adults. One Sunday out of the year was to be designated as "Senior Adult Ministries Day" and churches and individuals were encouraged to make a special offering to Baptist Village. In the late 1960s Georgia Baptists expanded ministry to senior adults with the creation of what is now called Georgia Baptist Retirement Communities. Since then the Senior Adult Ministries Day Offering has been equally divided between Baptist Village Retirement Communities and the Georgia Baptist Retirement Communities. The third Sunday in July was chosen for this special day and offering Sunday.
Lake Park
Did You Know?

The Advancement Office at Baptist Village provides information to individuals, churches, and civic organizations concerning the ministry of Baptist Village Retirement Communities. The office works closely with persons wishing to make contributions to support the ministry of Baptist Village Retirement Communities and its care to God's older children.
The Uniqueness of Baptist Village

Some years ago at the meeting of the Association of Baptist Ministers to the Aging I was seated at a table with people from all across America. Seeing my name tag a fellow participant asked, "How do you describe a Baptist Village?" Of course I replied that Baptist Village Retirement Communities is a ministry of housing and health care to senior adults. I told him "The Village" is really a unique place. Now most of us would call any village unique. After all a village is a clustered settlement or community. Generally a village is larger than a hamlet but smaller than a town. Villages usually have their unique character and people. This character and people is what makes a village unique.
Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation Partners with Baptist Village to Make Life Better for Seniors

In an effort to "Strengthen Specialized Care" Baptist Village Retirement Communities applied for and was awarded a grant from the Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation. The purpose of the grant was to facilitate the purchase of specialized medical equipment and devices to be used in the J. Olan Jones Health Center on the Waycross campus. The Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation was created with proceeds from the sale of the old Georgia Baptist Hospital. Its mission is to fund health care needs in Georgia.


Music camps: lots of learning and loads of fun
Fun at Toccoa

Genuine Christian music is holy. Believers rejoice in the sound and are urged to "make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation."
Running toward the darkness armed with the Gospel

Peter Kendrick, regional associate dean of New Orleans Seminary for Georgia, stated, "It has been the vision of Dr. Charles (Chuck) Kelley (NOBTS president) to make accredited theological and ministry education affordable, accessible, and convenient for everyone.
Seminars to give historical perspective of stewardship
Meetings to be held September 15, 29, 30 and October 14

If new state missionary Scott Preissler had a television persona, it might be closer to myth buster than anything else.
Shorter University teams collect six national titles

Not one. Not two. Not three. Not four. Not five ...
Louis Finch geek for God

Some would say that Louis Finch is a geek. While that may be true, he is a geek for God and his Computers 4 Christ ministry is making a difference for the Kingdom of God.
What a church should know about reporting suspected child abuse
Georgia's mandatory reporting statute

This article provides a brief synopsis of how Georgia's child abuse reporting law impacts churches, church schools, and church ministries.
After Hobby Lobby ruling, leaders rally around RFRA

A diverse coalition of church and synagogue leaders has penned a letter to congressional leaders asking them to renew support for the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.
Christianity Today lists 4 Southern Baptists among 33 top young evangelicals

Four young Southern Baptists are among Christianity Today's "33 Under 33," a list of 33 millennial Christians featured in the magazine's most recent cover story who are shaping the church and culture.
We believe in the Cooperative Program

People and Places

Brandon Garrett ordained at Mountain Park

Cooperative Program Stories

Preparing for Acts 1:8 missions in the last frontier

The challenge was daunting when first issued more than 2,000 years ago. The same challenge remains so today, but by most accounts, accomplishing Acts 1:8 is within reach.

Bible Study

Enduring Faith

1 Peter 2:13-23
Bible Studies for Life, July 27
Active Faith

1 Peter 1:14-19, 22-25
Bible Studies for Life, July 20


"Since you asked ..."

How do we answer a jaundiced Jew?
Five troublemakers

Most churches have some members who were born in the objective mood and the negative case. They are a drag on the church, an annoyance to the pastor and keep the congregation from experiencing God's best. I suppose we all have a tendency to get in the flesh from time to time and become guilty of what I call sins of the spirit or sins of the disposition. However, some folks seem to have a penchant for disrupting the fellowship of the flock or becoming a burr in the saddle of the pastor.
Thoughts on the Hobby Lobby ruling

The July 1 decision in the Hobby Lobby case represents a huge win for religious liberty in America, and the 5-4 decision will now stand as a landmark case that will reshape the religious liberty debate for generations to come. At the same time, the deeply divided court also revealed in startling clarity its own internal debates over religious liberty and that division of understanding at the nation's highest court is very disturbing indeed.
The Open Door

The Affordable Care Act, an interesting name in itself since some are apparently finding it not so affordable, contains requirements for contraceptive coverage that were challenged by two corporations, Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties, which makes wood cabinets. The two companies argued before the United States Supreme Court that the contraceptive provisions of the ACA impose upon their religious convictions. It should be understood that the companies were not objecting to all forms of contraception. They were opposed to being required to provide medications that can cause a baby to be aborted. I totally agree.