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Issue Date: 2004-11-18
Volume: 183
Number: 24


Religion played unprecedented role in presidential election

(RNS) The 2004 presidential campaign will go down in history as one in which Democrats and Republicans battled tooth and nail while God ran unopposed.
Georgians overwhelmingly pass marriage amendment

Out of the eleven states that voted to request adding a marriage amendment to their state constitutions, only Mississippi had a greater majority of people to vote in the affirmative than Georgia. In the Peach State 77% of the people indicated that they believe marriage should be defined as a union between a man and a woman.
"Pray for us," Georgia missionaries say at NAMB commissioning

STONE MOUNTAIN -- "How many missionaries do we have here today?" Edwin Lamb asked as he looked out over the crowd gathered at Mountain Park First Baptist Church.
Gays try to make sense of 'values' vote

(RNS) The voters have spoken, and many of them said, "Moral values."
Beverly Tye to retire from Index on Dec. 31
Index Circulation Manager Beverly B. Tye will retire on Dec. 31 from the staff of the state paper. Tye joined The Index in 1990.
'JESUS,' at 25, history's most-watched film

RICHMOND, Va. (BP) - Almost anywhere you find the Gospel - and people hungry for it - you'll find a copy of the JESUS film.
Millions seek cleansing at the Kumbh Mela, Hinduism's biggest festival

UJJAIN, India - Dawn came almost unnoticed to the sacred river Shipra. Even the waking sun seemed overwhelmed by the scene unfolding at the water's edge.
In Iraqi neighborhood, captain defends & carries out mission of peace

BAGHDAD (BP) - "We hate American soldiers," an Iraqi man snaps at Captain Michael Rainey from the back of a crowd of eight men, all in their mid-20s.

Georgia Newsbriefs

NAMB appoints Jonesboro pastor to task force on Hispanic outreach
Pastor Ruben Torres of Iglesia Bautista Victoria En Cristo, the Hispanic mission of First Baptist Church in Jonesboro, was appointed recently to a new task force by the North American Mission Board.

Baptist News Summary

Beth Moore, LifeWay to host 10 'Living Proof' events in '06
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP) - Internationally known Bible teacher Beth Moore and LifeWay have announced the addition of 10 "Living Proof Live" events in 2006. The events follow the 10 scheduled for 2005.
Boyce College helps form youth ministry centers in 4 countries
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BP) - The International Center for Youth Ministry at Boyce College has formed an informal alliance with four international schools that is aimed at training career youth ministers through a combination of academics and hands-on experience.
LifeWay Christian Stores return to the Northwest after decade-long absence
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP) - LifeWay Christian Stores is headed back to the Northwest. For the first time in nearly a decade, the Nashville-based retail chain will have stores in the region with the acquisition of three Seattle-area stores formerly owned by Evangel Stores.
Missouri convention affirms course against breakaway entities
RAYTOWN, Mo. (BP) - Messengers to the Missouri Baptist Convention annual meeting overwhelmingly voted to continue their legal action against five breakaway institutions.
Coburn defeats fellow Southern Baptist; two Baptists lose in House
WASHINGTON (BP) - One Southern Baptist defeated another in a U.S. Senate race in Oklahoma, while two Southern Baptist members of the House of Representatives lost in voting Nov. 2.
Names in the News
The Baptist Convention of New York's executive board has elected Terry M. Robertson as the fifth executive director/treasurer of the 35-year-old convention.
NOBTS approves charter change but will still fight
NEW ORLEANS (RNS) - Trustees of New Orleans Seminary agreed Oct. 13 to amend the terms of the Southern Baptist Convention's ownership of the school, but not without misgivings they want to share with other Baptists before the whole convention makes a final decision at its annual meeting next summer.

Religious Newsbriefs

Poll shows Iraq support for separating religion and government, backing religious leaders
(RNS) A new poll has found that a small majority of Iraqis support a separation between religion and government.
Study links college students' religious involvement to emotional health
(RNS) College students with significant religious involvement report better emotional health than those with no involvement, new research from UCLA's Higher Education Research Institute shows.
Museum of Biblical Art to open in spring
NEW YORK (RNS) An art gallery at the American Bible Society in New York City has closed but will reopen next spring as an independent museum with a new name: the Museum of Biblical Art (MOBIA).
Vermont bishop bans common communion cup in protective measure to help stop flu
(RNS) As Americans rush for a limited supply of flu vaccines, the Roman Catholic bishop of Vermont has told his priests not to allow parishioners to drink from a common Communion cup or exchange a sign of peace.

People and Places

Ministerial Moves

Cooperative Program Stories

Bible Drill gives children spiritual depth

Psalms is right in the center of the Bible. To find Matthew, the first book of the New Testament, go halfway between Psalms and Revelation.

Bible Study

Tell About God!

Every time God reveals Himself to His people, He is always commanding us to be involved in evangelism. God's power was revealed in the creation, His person was revealed in the Christ, and His precepts are revealed in the canon. In each form of Divine revelation, we are instructed to declare His goodness.
Confess Jesus, God's Son!

From the opening words, John's inspired biography of Jesus is different from the others. Countless books and commentaries have contrasted the differences between this book and the other three gospel accounts. Matthew's gospel reveals Jesus as the Messiah, the fulfillment of ancient prophecies. Mark pictures Jesus as the humble servant. Luke, the physician, writes to show Jesus as the Son of Man. But the apostle John is moved by the Holy Spirit to emphasize that Jesus is the Son of God.


The Open Door

"Praise God from whom all blessings flow!" For the first time in our history as a Baptist state convention, Georgia Baptists have sent more than $20,000,000 in Cooperative Program receipts on to the Southern Baptist Convention to support Southern Baptist mission work at home and around the world.
Adults must respond swiftly to cruelty among children

Values still matter

Millions of conservative, evangelical Christians flocked to the polls on November 2nd and re-elected George W. Bush to another term as president of the United States. The exit polls indicated that "moral values" was the number one issue that motivated voters to re-elect him. The second most important issue that mattered to voters was the war on terror, followed respectively by the economy/jobs and the war in Iraq.
Faith-based election requires soul-searching from all

JACKSON, Tenn.(RNS) The role played by religious faith and moral values in this election is the biggest story to emerge in the wake of George W. Bush's victory.


Opposes stem cell research

In the Oct. 21 issue of The Christian Index I was shocked to read the article on page 19 about the use of tissue from aborted fetuses. I believe the two persons from Alabama were much in error or sin to go as far as they did to use the aborted babies' tissue to try and keep their husbands from dying.
Distrusts new Bible translations

I am writing in response to Carroll Underwood's recent letter regarding the disagreement over the phrase "back to its biblical and historical roots" being used in a Baptist Press article which appeared in a September issue of the Index.
Thanks to Georgia Baptists for seminary scholarships

I would like to express my appreciation for the excellent work of The Christian Index in sharing my wife's (Christa McMillian) testimony. It was exceptionally well written. I hope that your article will help someone to become closer to the Lord Jesus.
Hearts more important than votes, writer says

Like most of you, I was elated to wake up the morning after Election Day 2004 and discover what our awesome God had done! The four million evangelical Christian voters in America who skipped out on the 2000 elections arose and spoke loudly that we will support pro-life, pro-family leaders and reject those who are not!