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Facing the Giants tops $10 million weeks before DVD release


Facing the Giants, a production of Sherwood Baptist in Albany, will be released in DVD Jan. 30.

ALBANY (BP) ó In Hollywood, $10 million is mere change. In Albany, itís a sign of Godís blessing.

Facing the Giants, the inspirational movie made by the staff and members of Sherwood Baptist Church on a shoestring budget, passed the $10 million gross mark the week before Christmas. Not bad for a movie that cost only $100,000 to make.

It is still showing in a handful of theaters nationwide and is set to be released on DVD Jan. 30. Churches, though, can go ahead and purchase the DVD, along with the required license, to show it to their congregation prior to the general DVD release date. More than 900 churches have done so thus far. (Information is available at

ďFor us to make a movie for $100,000 and then to see it make $10 million just in the box office has been overwhelming,Ē said Jim McBride, the executive pastor of Sherwood Baptist who has a role in the movie. ďWe just all came out and volunteered. You just canít explain how that all turned out so well with a bunch of novices, other than Godís hand was on it.Ē

The movie follows a high school football coach battling job security, financial problems, and infertility. Through it all, he, his wife, and the team learn to honor God in all things. The movie is rated PG, although it has no objectionable content.

Sony spent several million dollars advertising the movie. The church still hasnít made a profit, McBride said, although it has recouped the $100,000 budgeted for the film. Sony, along with the theaters that carried the film, have received the bulk of the $10 million, he added.

Any profit for the church may go toward an 82-acre sports park the church started, McBride said. The park has Upward sports and other activities for the community.

McBride and others hope that churches across the nation will use the movie for outreach. Even though Sherwood Baptistís email address isnít included on the Facing the Giants website, some 4,000 people nonetheless have emailed the church, testifying to the movieís impact on them. More than 800 people have prayed to receive Christ after watching the film, McBride said.

ďWeíre sure there are more, but we just havenít heard from them,Ē he said.

Churches that purchase the license to show the movie in a group setting will also receive promotional materials, including movie tickets, bulletin inserts, and posters.

The Facing the Giants DVD that will be released Jan. 30 will include directorís commentary, behind-the-scenes shots, bloopers, and deleted scenes.

The movie finished 12th among all movies on opening weekend, but an amazing fifth on an average-per-screen tally ($3,046) among the Top 20 movies, according to In its second weekend, Facing the Giants ended up 14th among all movies and was ninth on a per-screen average ($2,407) among Top 20 movies, according to the website.