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Facing the Giants DVD release set for Super Bowl Weekend


DULUTH — Congregations like Colonial Woods Baptist Church near Lilburn are helping to bring to pass one of the dreams of the Kendrick brothers who wrote and produced the Facing the Giants movie: using it as an evangelistic outreach tool.

Colonial Woods was one of the first churches in the state to screen the sports-themed movie on Jan. 27, just days before its official Jan. 30 release on DVD. More than 900 churches nationwide purchased the special license to permit the early viewing; about 1,500 have purchased the license to show it after the launch date.

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Colonial Woods pastor David Cook spells out the late January screening of Facing the Giants at the church near Lilburn. The congregation was one of the first in the state to be licensed to show the movie in a public viewing prior to the Jan. 30 DVD release date.

“It’s just a great movie and we wanted to share it with as many people in our community as possible,” says pastor David Cook. ”It plays well on several levels, both spiritual and on the everyday level, and contains many positive lessons for life.”


Super release

Cook said he delivered a three-part sermon series on the movie shortly after its release in October and believes at least half of his 100-member congregation has seen the film.

Giants, which was produced by Sherwood Productions, a ministry arm of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, has netted $10 million on its $100,000 investment. The timing of the DVD release was timed to coincide with the week prior to Super Bowl Weekend.


International impact

The Jan. 30 release coincided with the national football extravaganza and will provide individuals with another way to introduce friends to the gospel – and the movie – during the time frame, says co-writer/producer Stephen Kendrick.

“We are excited to hear that Christian bookstores are reporting that the movie is one of their hottest pre-sell items of all time. The movie is still playing in 30 theatres and will continue until the DVD release.”

Sony translated the movie into multiple languages so every DVD will have the option of subtitles in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Thai, and Chinese. The movie went international in January when it began playing in theaters in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Spain, Greece, Argentina, Bulgaria, Chile, Peru, and Uruguay. It will be released in 43 additional nations, ranging from Iceland to New Zealand, between Feb. 1 and June 6.

Since the DVDs purchased in stores are for home viewing only, according to licensing requirements, Provident Films has created the Group Site License that allows churches and ministries to secure a copy for public viewing.

Copies can be purchased from the website for $17.97, reduced from the $24.97 retail price, from links at

The collector’s edition includes an exclusive 26-minute behind-the-scenes feature, a commentary from the Kendrick brothers who co-wrote and produced the movie with Sherwood Productions, small group study guide with movie clips, “fumbles and funnies” outtakes, and extra scenes deleted from the movie.

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