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The Open Door


Today we had a staff meeting at the Georgia Baptist Missions and Ministry Center and it was truly inspiring. At one point in our meeting we went around the room and each staff member shared how God was blessing their ministry and also talked about important events that have recently transpired as well as those that are being anticipated in the near future.

When we came to Collegiate Ministries, Warren Skinner stood and gave the report of our Georgia Baptist collegiate summer missions ministries. As you may know, every summer Georgia Baptist students from our colleges and universities go out across the world to minister and to share the good news of the gospel. The results from these summer missions activities are both thrilling and amazing. This last year was certainly no exception.

Student summer missions in 2006 went under the theme “Ignite 2006!” I was certainly ignited when I heard the good news. I want to share it with you so you can join me in appreciation for all of the young people who were involved in student summer missions in 2006.

There were 208 Georgia Baptist students who surrendered to the opportunity to be a student summer missionary. They worked to raise their own funds for support. In the process, they raised $182,733.97. They went out literally across the world to reach out and touch 127,834 people with the Gospel. The response to their ministry was inspiring. Seven hundred thirteen individuals made professions of faith in Jesus Christ and 49 rededicated their lives to the Lord. There were 240 other decisions and 45 individuals surrendered to the call to ministry.

I am so thankful for our deeply spiritual and wholly committed Baptist college and university students who so faithfully demonstrate their love for Christ by being an effective witness for Him.

We should all be assured that the future of the church is in good hands with young people like these coming along today who have such a love for Christ, for His church, and for missions. I want to express my appreciation for our Baptist Collegiate Ministries staff and those who direct our BCM work on over 50 college and university campuses in Georgia.

Dr. Joe Graham serves as specialist for Collegiate Ministries and has a dedicated staff that serves along with him. We are grateful for each one of them and for the investment of their lives in these young people who hold so much promise for the future of the church.

Please join me in praying for your Georgia Baptist ministry on campuses across Georgia. Pray for increased numbers of Baptist students who are committing themselves to missions and ministry. Our future depends upon their faithfulness and they both deserve and need our prayers.