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IMB, 'Fuge' camps partner to expand youth missions


RICHMOND, Va. (BP) — In an effort to mobilize more youth around the country for worldwide missions, the International Mission Board is partnering with LifeWay’s rapidly expanding camp programs.

Since 1979, Centrifuge, (Mission) M-Fuge, and M-Fuge International camps have provided students with mission projects, training, and opportunities to give to missions.

Now, through a new partnership with the International Mission Board, all “Fuge” campers can track where their mission gifts go – even following them straight to the field.

The partnership involves a three- to five-year commitment through which students plug into a specific region and strategy, said Joe Palmer, director of the student events department for LifeWay. Campers will be updated each year on its progress. The partnership likely will involve a people group in Central and Eastern Europe with little access to the gospel, Palmer said.

Kelly Davis, IMB strategist with student mobilization strategists, expects the partnership to boost student missions and increase the number of young people volunteering for overseas missions. In recent years, Davis explained, the numbers of young people volunteering have been “stagnant.”