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Issue Date: 2015-01-08
Volume: 194
Number: 1


Georgia near the top in human trafficking

Just how serious of a problem is human trafficking? Possibly more serious than many think.
Piercing the darkness with light
Engage Weekend puts focus on human trafficking

Late one November night two vans full of Baptist women are driving along dimly lit stretches of highways in search of ministry opportunities. But this night those opportunities are unlike any ever experienced by the women.
God uses ordinary people like Henry Blackaby

Most ordinary people never achieve an extraordinary life because they are too fearful to take that leap of faith and simply take God at His word.

People and Places

Anderson retires after 17 years at GBC
Louie Moon Appreciation Day held at Center Hill

Cooperative Program Stories

UNG BCM: Being there to care

By 3 p.m. on Tuesday afternoons, children start pouring out of their family's homes at the Melrose Apartments. They race to the Innovation Station, which sits on the edge of their complex. Tuesday is the day college students come from the University of North Georgia's Baptist Collegiate Ministry to play with and tutor the children.

Bible Study

Ready When Injustice Prevails

Exodus 23:1-3, 6-9
Bible Studies for Life, Jan. 18
Ready to Help the Poor

Deuteronomy 15:7-11
Bible Studies for Life, Jan. 25


Code Blue

Several years ago I was visiting a friend in the intensive care unit of Atlanta's Northside Hospital. My friend was recovering from an extensive surgical procedure and appeared to be making a successful recovery. His nurse came into the room to examine his incision and I stepped out of the room while she was caring for his needs.
"Since you asked ..."

Do we owe our lives to the oceans or to mother nature?
The Open Door

I was reading through Robert Jeffress' book, The Road Most Traveled, when I came to an intriguing chapter, "The Best Place to Be...Is Wherever You Are." I thought to myself, "Now, there is a good theme for my first Open Door of the new year."