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Issue Date: 2015-02-19
Volume: 194
Number: 4


Got questions? CMI has answers

Every day the secular world bombards an unsuspecting and gullible populace with a plethora of humanistic teachings and philosophies. Their goals are to deify man and humanize God as well as exalt their false doctrine and demean biblical truth.
A creative way to enhance Kingdom Generosity

In the July 10 edition of The Christian Index Joe Westbury wrote an article on new state missionary Scott Preissler and announced Preissler's seminars on stewardship. Preissler leads stewardship education and training for the Georgia Baptist Convention.
»What's news today is online today

Quick. Answer these questions without looking them up:
Survey: Younger Southern Baptist involvement rising
Southern Baptists appear to be defying the prevalent notion that young adults are abandoning the American church – at least by one measurement.
Ministering amid threats to religious liberty

With the backdrop of facing a societal shift against biblical principles, a group of ministers and spouses gathered Feb. 10 for training and encouragement on what is necessary to communicate the Gospel in today's world.
2015 Committee on Nominations report released
Georgia Baptist Convention President Don Hattaway, Tabernacle Baptist Church, Cartersville, announces that the following persons will serve on the 2015 Committee on Nominations:
Mission Georgia Moments
Encourage your church to use one of the following Mission Georgia Moments before the morning worship offering is collected, as part of a Sunday School opening comment, or in a Small Group or WMU meeting. Each entry is not time-sensitive and can be used on any Sunday of the year.
Facing missions with a "whatever it takes" spirit

Gabriel Revilla recalls a "Nike moment" when his college pastor in Miami approached him with a question.

Baptist News Summary

LifeWay moves forward with possible property sale
Former Georgia Baptist Richardson a noted 'adventurer for Jesus'
SBC annual meeting children's, youth registrations open
Names in the News
White church, black interim, 'hearts together'

People and Places

First Baptist Roswell honors retiring pastor

Cooperative Program Stories

Samuel Ayala: The church multiplier

Samuel Ayala arrives at Hebron Español barely on time and is late most Sundays. Most would agree that his punctuality is a bit abnormal for a pastor. But the praise team knows not to wait on him. They want him to drive safely from Winder after he preaches at Iglesia Viva Christiana and helps break down their temporary worship center.

Bible Study

Jesus, Promised Like No Other

Isaiah 53:2-12
Bible Studies for Life, March 1
A Birth Like No Other

Luke 1:26-35
Bible Studies for Life, March 8


"Since you asked ..."

Do we have a right to judge and condemn ISIS?
The fight for religious liberty

I listened to President Barak Obama's State of the Union address with great interest on Monday evening, Jan. 19. I observed the president's entrance into the House Chamber, his greeting to well-wishers as he proceeded down the aisle toward the podium. He gave both Speaker Boehner and Vice President Biden copies of his speech and turned toward a capacity audience to deliver his address.
The Open Door

I was rummaging through some papers I had in my office at the house and came across some old brochures that I collected from the home where I grew up when we sold that home and my mother moved to an independent living facility.