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Churches break with N.C. convention over homosexuality


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (BP) ó At least five churches are publicly at odds with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina over the issue of homosexuality after messengers to last fallís annual meeting voted by nearly a three-fourths margin to change the conventionís articles of incorporation regarding membership.

Deacons from Myers Park Baptist Church in Charlotte sent a letter to the state convention Feb. 6 volunteering that the church is in violation of the conventionís stance against homosexuality, according to a report by the Biblical Recorder newsjournal.

Meanwhile, two other Charlotte churches have left the Baptist State Convention recently, bringing to five the total number of churches that have broken ties with the convention since last fallís annual meeting.

St. Johnís Baptist Church and Park Road Baptist Church were jointly affiliated with the North Carolina convention and the Alliance of Baptists. The conventionís board of directors said that under the amendment to the articles of incorporation, any church that affiliates with groups that support homosexuality can be removed, the Biblical Recorder reported.