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Camel method of teaching


This strategy sounds exciting and encouraging to me as a tool to spread Godís Word. The Camel Method appears to be able to remove barriers up front encouraging the hearers to have an open mind early on in the witnessing process.

Those who seem to be critical and/or concerned may consider that Jesus Himself encouraged people to expand their comfort zone. Those who were not willing to accept the Way as something new to them were left behind leaving the good news for the Gentile world to propogate to unbelivers.

There is always a segment of population in our churches and denomination at large who seem to be naysayers because something new lacks merit to them. I do not believe using Allah in context supports Muslim theology. I am curious if those who are concerned about using the name Allah are just as concerned that YAHWEH is seldom read or vocalized as the true name of the Hebrew God we Baptists believe to be the eternal One.

We will use Jehovah, which King James interpreters believed to be the correct English name for God, but seldom His name as YAHWEH.