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After year-long ban, Georgetown agrees to allow six Protestant groups back on campus


WASHINGTON (RNS) — Georgetown University will officially allow outside evangelical Protestant ministries back on campus in the next school year, according to an announcement May 7.

The move comes almost a year after Georgetown, a Catholic university, created a stir with campus Protestants by cutting ties with six outside evangelical ministries, including InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Chi Alpha, Asian Baptist Student Koinonia, and Crossroad Campus Christian Fellowship.

Georgetown had cited a lack of communication with the groups, and told the groups they could not host staff members on campus or advertise events as being sponsored by the university.

Georgetown officials now say they will launch a self-governing Council of Affiliated Protestant Ministries with the goal of maintaining effective communication. The ministries will again be allowed to use campus facilities for worship and meetings, but must work closely with the school’s Protestant chaplaincy and each other.