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Sister church needs ministry


On March 1, a tornado went through our small town and caused $100,000 damage to our church, educational facilities, and pastorium. Nothing has been the same since. We are steadily cleaning up and rebuilding.

The day after the tornado, our folks were out in full force, joined by people we didn’t even know. Other churches came with their people and heavy equipment and worked all day.

This team effort went on day after day until most of the debris was cleaned up. Members who could not come and work prayed for those who did come. Our youth group has worked almost every Saturday since then. Our insurance company, Church Mutual, has been outstanding in processing our claims.

Let me brag on our folks a little. The Sunday after the storm, we met for about forty minutes. We sang and praised God for His goodness and His protection. We continue to meet every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. with no heat or air conditioning. Our folks are not there for the preacher or the singing; they’re there because they love Jesus. Our offerings have gone up, not down. What a testimony of people loving God and the church of which they’re a member.

The structural damage will be fully covered by our insurance, but there is much left for us to take care of. Our parking lots will have to be resurfaced, our grounds relandscaped, our children’s playground rebuilt. We estimate $40,000-$60,000 will be required.

If anyone feels that God would have them help us, we would certainly welcome it. This disaster has certainly made us more aware that we are responsible to do what we can to minister to our brothers and sisters in Christ.