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Debt free churches


To modify a quote from Dave Ramsey, “What could the churches of God do for the kingdom of God, if it they were debt free?”

Debt free churches provide an example of contentment to their members when they wait for God to provide. They also follow God’s model for construction projects when they accumulate the gifts of God’s people rather than borrowing from pagan institutions.

Debt free churches encourage faithfulness in tithes and offerings and see more invested into ministry. Imagine how many more missionaries could be on the field today if our SBC churches had no debt payments.

Think, also, of the impact on the community. The way of the pagan world is to make monthly payments. When churches do not incur debt, God receives all the glory for supplying the need and we have an incredible witnessing opportunity.

In this day and time when many of our churches are stagnated or declining and others are growing only by trading members, perhaps we ought to evaluate whether we are doing God’s business according to the principles of His Word or the practices of the world. It ought to be obvious to us which will bring us His blessings.