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Questions need for anonymity in India article on witnessing


The article, “India and the United States: Culture, values, business impacting one another” has the notation “Names changed for security reasons.” This makes me wonder: Since when did God lose His omnipotence? Is our God not all-knowing? Is our God not sovereign? Has God’s word become errant?

What are these people doing that would put them in such peril as to have to use pseudonyms? Are these individuals doing something illegal? I have been on two mission trips to India so I know a little about doing God’s work there.

Romans 13:1-4 still applies today. When it was written one of the cruelest of all Caesars was in power and still Paul wrote that we are to obey the law or be willing to face the consequences. If they are not willing to work openly – the way the Bible teaches us to – they should not be involved with such ministry activities. If they are worried about radical Muslims or Hindus – is not our God powerful enough to protect them?

In any endeavor in which we are representing God we should be going in His name. The Hebrew concept of “name” means the full representation of that individual’s character and being. We are called “Christians.” It was in Antioch that the disciples were first called Christians. The idea was that they were “little Christs.” As “little Christs,” and going in “His name,” we should be modeling our actions after His. His word tells us “He committed no sin, and no deceit was found in his mouth.”(NIV) What are these people doing that is so deceitful that they need to use pseudonyms?

If we are about God’s work we need to be sure that: (1) we are called to that work, (2) we are willing to pay the price in order to do that work, and (3) that we allow God to do the work through us in His way. It is time that we got back to the Biblical view of missions and leave the “cloak and dagger” to the TV and movie genre.

It truly disheartens me to know that many people today claim to be going and doing work in God’s name but have never read His word as to how He wants things done. It is time that we began doing things God’s way, as described in His word.


Editor’s Note: A team member working closely with the school explicitly asked The Index to not reveal names for fear it would damage inroads made and witnessing opportunities already produced at the school. On the trip, members were introduced as Christians and given the opportunity to explain the basics of their beliefs.

In respect to his number of years working among the Indian people, the Index writer chose to honor the request and experience of the missionary. Many evangelical agencies, including the International Mission Board, have similar policies in place.